Heatscope Heaters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Did you know that one of the oldest human use of fire dates back an unfathomable 800,000 years?

Since those ancient times, technology for keeping ourselves warm has gotten more and more effective. While a fire can sometimes be nice when camping, it's not something you should rely on all the time. If you want to enter the 21st century in full force, then it's worth investing in one or more infrared heaters.

Are you wondering which heater is best for your needs? Keep reading to learn all about Heatscope heaters with this ultimate buying guide.

What Is the Heatscope Brand?

Simply put, a specific brand can make the difference between a product that lasts a week and one that lasts a lifetime. You can rest easy knowing the Heatscope brand is a world leader in electric radiant heaters that are both high quality and energy smart.

Originating from Germany, Heatscope has made a name for itself with heaters that you can install on a wall or ceiling with ease. That way, you can give instant heat to any space with the most minimal amount of light. This is true for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the best ways to ensure quality is by seeing what customers think. There is a wealth of online reviews from customers who have chosen the Heatscope brand and never looked back. This is a sure sign that their needs were met and even exceeded.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Instead of heating the air, infrared heaters take a much more direct and effective path. The infrared wavelengths heat any objects, people, and floors it comes in contact with. Instead of the heat getting affected by the whimsy of airflow and other factors, the targets absorb the heat.

This gives the comfortable feeling of natural heat much better than any other piece of technology currently on the market. Not only is this method more comfortable and efficient but it also uses less energy, in general. This makes infrared heating the greener option by far.

Are you wondering what infrared wavelengths are, to begin with? Looking at it from a scientific point of view, infrared refers to a type of energy that the human eye can't perceive. Instead, we feel infrared as heat.

It's categorized as a type of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, infrared wavelengths are the same type of energy that the sun produces. This is one reason why the heat feels much more natural than anything you'd get from another artificial source.

Since you can control the output that an infrared heater produces, it's much safer than getting bombarded with light from the sun. In fact, it can heat but it can't burn you.

What Are the Advantages of This Option?

Did you know that a portable air-conditioning unit can end up costing you almost $700 a year? This doesn't even factor in the cost of buying the unit in the first place.

Since the cost of heating is on the rise in Australia and elsewhere, it pays to invest in something that's as efficient as possible.

The best manufacturers use carbon fibre as their heating element. Enclosed in a quartz tube, the carbon is surrounded by halogen gas. Since it's such a great conductor, it has the lowest temperature requirement.

Instead of the 1,900 degrees Celsius that a tungsten quartz heating element needs, a carbon fibre heating element needs no more than 1,200 degrees Celsius. This results in the heat with a significant reduction in light.

The most ineffective heating element is known as stainless steel. You can count on this heating element to make disturbing noises on a regular basis because the metal components expand and contract due to the heat. As if that wasn't bad enough, it can take as long as 20 minutes for the heating element to reach your preferred temperature.

The best infrared heaters can reach your desired setting in a minute or even sooner. As if that wasn't enough, carbon fibre lasts twice as long as other options. Whereas stainless steel and tungsten quartz give out after around 5,000 hours, the lifespan of carbon fibre is a whopping 10,000 hours.

That translates to well over a year if you have the device on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also have a wider range depending on the heater you choose. For instance, the Pure model from Heatscope can cover 10.9 metres squared depending on how you set it up. Are you wondering what other admirable specs the Pure has?

The Heatscope Pure

The Heatscope Pure is a 3,000-watt electric radiant heater that has a wealth of features you're sure to love. For instance, it has directional heating capabilities so you can opt for precision heating whenever you need it. Since this technology uses a clean light wavelength, worrying about the wind changing the direction of the heat is a thing of the past.

Instead, the heat will directly absorb into the floor, person, or object that you've targeted. Unlike other forms of heating, this Heatscope product can reach maximum heat output in as little as 20 seconds. No matter what setting you put it on, you can always get the heat you need as fast as possible.

Best of all, more than 90% of the input energy turns into radiant heat. This means the tech is more efficient than other options and is much easier on your utility bills. You can say goodbye to pollutants and other weird odours that tend to come from inferior products.

It's worth taking a moment to appreciate the sleek and modern glass-ceramic screen that the Heatscope Pure comes with. Not only does this curved surface look great but it also allows for an even distribution of heat. As if that wasn't enough, the Schott Nextrema glass also reduces the amount of light, protecting sensitive materials.

The glass screen isn't the only part that is designed with both technical and aesthetic prowess in mind. You'll find this attention to detail and quality throughout the entire product, down to the carbon technology. You can also choose between a glass that's either black or white.

You'll be glad to learn that the Heatscope pure is easy to install. Since you don't have to worry about repairing any valves, ignition pieces, or other components, maintenance is a cinch.

The Heatscope Spot

The Heatscope Spot is the smallest and lightest model offered by this prestigious brand, weighing no more than 5 kilograms. Since its range isn't as high, it can reach your desired level of heat within 15 seconds. Since the light output is reduced by as much as 40%, you can always get the heat you want without the annoyance of excess brightness.

There are two convenient settings you can choose from, including full power and half power.

With a chassis of the highest-quality aluminium, you can say goodbye to the kind of tarnish that appears on inferior products. As a whole, the simple design of the Heatscope Spot makes for an easy clean. That way, the product can last for many years.

Like with the Heatscope Pure, you have a choice between black or a gorgeous white power finish. The grill screen also comes in the same colour you choose so that the entire ambient heat design matches your aesthetic. The on and off switch also comes in the colour of your choice, acting as a testament to Heatscope's detail-oriented design.

When used in enclosed areas, the Spot can heat a target area or person by as much as 15 degrees. Depending on where you install the device, you could end up covering a surface area of 8 metres squared. If you need to cover a larger surface area, it's possible to install several Spots.

That way, you can enjoy your backyard and entertain guests without getting uncomfortable during the cold. As a business owner, these devices can also come in handy when seating parties outside to enjoy a meal or another service.

Don't forget that this and the other models are IP-rating certified. This means that the device can withstand wind, dust, water splashes, and more.

The Heatscope Vision

If you want something with even more power, then you can't go wrong with the Heatscope Vision. This is the longest model and clocks in at 1,660 millimetres. Despite its size, it still weighs no more than 11 kilograms.

Despite being the longest and most powerful model, it can still reach your desired heat setting in a minute or sometimes within half a minute. As with the other models, you can count on the pleasing warmth created by mid-wavelength ranges. The flat glass ceramic screen ensures that no one is disturbed by an excess of light.

The minimalist design can fit with almost any aesthetic without intruding upon your decorative ensemble. You can also choose between the same black and white finishes as the other models.

After you install it using the two provided brackets, you can angle the device as you see fit. Extension rods are available for use with high ceilings, allowing for a heating experience that's exactly as you envisioned it. For example, installing the device anywhere from 2.1 metres to 2.7 metres from the ground will heat an area of 10.75 metres squared.

While the Vision is also IP certified against the weather, you can add even more protection by installing the optional weather shield. That way, you won't have to worry about the integrity of the device even in some of the harshest weather.

Using the device indoors can give you even more power because the device won't have to compete with the outside atmosphere. In this case, you can expect to change the indoor temperature by as much as 10 full degrees.

Heatscope also takes pride in having its products in compliance with Australia's ACCC.

Heatscope Accessories

While you can use any Heatscope heater right out of the box, there is a range of accessories that give you even more options for comfort and efficiency. For instance, you could connect your heaters to an indoor motion sensor. This removes the need to turn the device on and off all the time.

You can also choose between different kinds of switches. The ZigBee wireless switch is portable and easy to use. Tapping the device once can turn on all the heaters at the low setting.

If you want them set on high, then give the switch two taps in succession.

To turn everything off again, you can tap the device one more time. You can also take advantage of the app that comes with the switch and control everything using your smartphone.

The WiFi smart switch also has app capabilities. Since it's hardwired, the device should be installed near a power box. For every Heatscope heater you own, you'll need a corresponding WiFi smart switch.

eWeLink is the app in question and it works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accessories so you should reach out to your Heatscope device provider and ask about what other ones are available.

Are You Ready to Invest in Heatscope Heaters?

Now that you've learned all about Heatscope heaters, you can decide which model will suit your needs to a T. You may even want to get multiple models so that you're covered in every situation.

Aside from Heatscope products, we can also provide you with a wide range of other outdoor living essentials. From heating to furniture and beyond, you can always find what you're looking for in our online shop.

Do you have one or more questions about the listed products? If so, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always eager to be of service.

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