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Heatscope Vision 3200W Electric Radiant Heater

Color: Black


Feel the warmth of your dreams with the Heatscope Vision 3200W Electric Radiant Heater – where cosy comfort meets cutting-edge technology.

The Heatscope Vision 3200W ambient heater bathes its surroundings in a gentle medium-wave infrared glow, courtesy of its parallel carbon heating elements. This soothing radiance, already softly dimmed to less than 300 lux by the glass-ceramic front, crafts an irresistibly snug and inviting ambience.

In the chilly depths of winter, when icy drafts infiltrate our homes, and the biting cold becomes a relentless problem, the Heatscope Vision 3200W Electric Radiant Heater emerges as the ultimate solution for the weary homeowner. Picture this: You return from a long, exhausting day at work, shivering with the memory of the freezing outdoors.

The Heatscope Vision becomes your warm embrace at that moment, instantly banishing the winter blues. Its radiant heat is swift and all-encompassing, dissolving the cold like magic and transforming your living space into a cosy haven. No more shivering under layers of blankets or fumbling with complex heating systems. This heater makes your life easier, offering a simple, efficient, and instantaneous solution to the persistent cold weather problem.

Key Features

  • Efficiency Made Simple - Streamlined Operation
  • Genuine Infrared - Authentic Warmth
  • Inviting & Cosy - Welcoming Comfort
  • Super Fast - Instantaneous Heat
  • Full Control - Personalized Command
  • Maximum Heat with Minimum Light - Intense Warmth, Subtle Glow
  • Award-winning Design - Recognized Elegance
  • Fast Heating - Rapid Warmth Delivery
  • Weather-Resistant - Year-Round Reliability
  • No Aggressive Red Light - Gentle Illumination

Simplified Efficiency

HEATSCOPE® embodies the essence of efficiency! Our VISION, SPOT, and PURE radiant heaters are the product of cutting-edge research in the mid-wave IR range, ensuring that an impressive 90% to 94% of the energy expended is seamlessly converted into ambient warmth.

Authentic Infrared

At HEATSCOPE®, our radiant heaters are artisans of genuine infrared heat in the brisk mid-wave IR spectrum. This means you'll relish a warmth that's not only genuinely comforting but also laser-focused, caressing you right where it matters most – just beneath your skin's surface, avoiding unnecessary tissue penetration.

Warm and Welcoming

While conventional radiant heaters rely on light tubes that inadvertently generate heat, at HEATSCOPE®, we've pioneered the use of innovative carbon technology. Two electrically charged carbon spirals come to life, emitting a uniquely delightful warmth that's nothing short of inviting.

Lightning Quick

Forget about waiting around for heat. Our HEATSCOPE® power heaters eliminate the agony of output peaks. Although they start up leisurely, they surge to 100% in record time. SPOT models take just 15 seconds, while the VISION & PURE lineup maxes out at 30 seconds, thanks to their sleek glass fronts.

Complete Mastery

Take the reins of comfort. Our radiant heaters come with either their dedicated IR remote control or a convenient 4-wire cable for integration into external control systems, ensuring you have full command over your warmth.

Optimal Warmth with Minimal Illumination

Delicate carbon fiber elements, sparked to life with electricity, produce abundant heat but emit minimal light. This creates an irresistibly gentle, supremely comfortable warmth that won't harshly disrupt your surroundings. PURE, in particular, offers a subtle, soft glow that leaves the lighting and colors of your space – even your food – untouched.

Distinguished Design Excellence

Harmonious warmth without the distractions. Our sleek, contemporary designs and versatile colors blend seamlessly into any decor.

Rapid Warmth

Experience the magic of instant warmth, with noticeable heat arriving within milliseconds and 100% warmth achieved within 15-60 seconds.


All our models proudly sport an IP rating, guarding against dust, splashes, and wind to ensure unwavering performance.

Gentle, Non-Intrusive Illumination

Our radiant heaters offer a supremely ambient, understated glow courtesy of our double carbon heating elements.

High Efficiency

An astounding 94% efficiency rate ensures that nearly every ounce of energy is transformed into ambient heat, embracing nearby individuals and surfaces with maximum effectiveness.


Application: Indoor & Outdoor (undercover or with weather shield)
IP Rating: IP44

Power / Current:2400W / 13.91A
Voltage:220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max Power In:30 - 60sec
Radiant Efficiency:90%
Surface Temp:
Body Temp:
Filament Temp:
Colour Temp:
1550-1650 Kelvin
Visible Light:<300 Lumen

Materials: Aluminum Body & Glass Ceramic Front

Colour: Black or White
Weight: 11kg
Dimensions: L1660xW184xH87mm
Installation Height:2100mm - 2700mm from ground.


Model Specifications

Operation & Maintenance Manual

Installation & Clearances Manual

What's Included

1x Heatscope Vision 3200W Electric Radiant Heater
1x Mounting Parts