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Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater

Color: Black


Embrace the warmth of serenity with the Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater – where cosy moments come to life.

Experience warmth in its purest form with Heatscope Spot radiant heaters. These remarkable heaters emit a soft, inviting orange glow, a mere 30-40% of the light output compared to traditional radiant heaters. This subtle illumination is achieved through the ingenious use of a colour-matching grill screen in front of the satin-surfaced carbon heating elements, available in black and white.

Heatscope Spot heaters are the epitome of efficiency and convenience, operating in the mid-wave radiant spectrum to provide almost instant warmth in under 15 seconds. They're your ideal choice for transforming outdoor spaces like partially open patios or balconies into cosy retreats.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Efficiency - Effortless Operation
  • Authentic Infrared Warmth - Genuine Comfort
  • Cosy and Welcoming - Inviting Atmosphere
  • Lightning-Fast Heating - Rapid Warm-Up
  • Comprehensive Control - Total Command
  • Intense Heat, Subtle Glow - Deep Warmth, Gentle Illumination
  • Design Excellence Recognized - Award-Winning Style
  • Swift Heat Delivery - Instantaneous Warmth
  • Built to Brave the Elements - Year-Round Resilience
  • Gentle Illumination - Soft, Non-Intrusive Light

Efficiency Simplified

At HEATSCOPE®, we're dedicated to simplicity and efficiency. Our VISION, SPOT, and PURE radiant heaters are the fruit of cutting-edge research in the mid-wave IR range, ensuring that an astounding 90% to 94% of the energy expended is seamlessly converted into ambient warmth.

Authentic Infrared Comfort

All HEATSCOPE® design radiant heaters emit natural infrared warmth in the speedy mid-wave IR spectrum. This ensures that the heat is practical and exceptionally comfortable, targeting precisely where it's needed - the skin's surface layers, without delving too deeply into the tissue.

Inviting & Cozy Ambiance

Unlike conventional radiant heaters that rely on light tubes to generate heat as a byproduct, at HEATSCOPE®, we exclusively harness innovative carbon technology. Two carbon spirals, electrified to life, gently glow, producing a charming warmth that beckons you closer.

Rapid Warmth

Say farewell to waiting for your heaters to peak. With HEATSCOPE® power heaters, output peaks are a relic of the past. Though they start leisurely, they surge to 100% in no time. The SPOT models take merely 15 seconds, while the VISION & PURE range reaches maximum warmth within 30 seconds, thanks to their elegant glass fronts.

Total Command

Our diverse model ranges come with their dedicated IR remote control or a convenient 4-wire cable, ensuring you have complete control over your comfort.

Intense Warmth, Subtle Radiance

Delicate carbon fibre elements, brought to life by electricity, produce abundant warmth with minimal Light. This creates an irresistibly gentle, supremely comfortable heat that won't disrupt your surroundings. PURE, in particular, offers a subtle, soft glow that preserves the lighting and colours of your space, including your food.

Award-Winning Style

Revel in pleasing warmth without distractions. Our sleek, contemporary designs and versatile colours harmoniously blend into any decor.

Swift Heating

Witness the magic of instant warmth, with noticeable heat arriving within milliseconds and 100% warmth achieved within 15-60 seconds.


All our models proudly sport an IP rating, safeguarding against dust, splashes, and wind to ensure unwavering performance.

Gentle Illumination

Our radiant heaters offer a supremely ambient, understated glow courtesy of our double carbon heating elements.

High Efficiency

An astounding 94% efficiency rate ensures that nearly every ounce of energy is transformed into ambient heat, embracing nearby individuals and surfaces with maximum effectiveness.


Application: Indoor & Outdoor (with weather shield)
IP Rating: IP24

Power / Current:2800W / 12.17A
Voltage:220-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
Max Power In 15 sec
Radiant Efficiency:94%
Surface Temp:
Body Temp:
Filament Temp:
Colour Temp:
1550-1650 Kelvin
Visible Light:<600 Lumen

Materials: Aluminum Body & Glass Ceramic Front

Colour: Black or White
Weight: 5kg
Dimensions: L 884 x W 184 x H82mm
Installation height: 2100 mm - 3000mm from the ground


Model Specifications
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Installation & Clearances Manual

What's Included?

1 x Heatscope Spot 2800W Electric Radiant Heater

1 x Mounting Parts