Ethanol Heaters

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What is an Ethanol Heater?

Ethanol Heaters or Bio Ethanol Heaters are essentially naked flame heaters that uses bio-ethanol as fuel source, similar as a traditional fireplace uses wood as fuel.

There are many advantages a bio fuel heater has over its traditional counterparts and they increasing in popularity as more people discover them.

Bio-ethanol heaters use an environmentally friendly fuel source which burns cleaner than any other fuel. There no need for a chimney or flue as there's no soot, smoke or ash, which also means there's no loss of heat.

No toxins or odours are produced burning bio-ethanol fuel, as it made from high quality plants using renewable practices.


How Do Ethanol Heaters Work?

Bio Ethanol Heaters are very simple use as they don't require any fixed gas or electrical connections. They are made up of a stainless steel burner (which houses the ethanol fuel) and a aesthetic frame that supports the burner (if required). The ethanol heater works by you simply pouring ethanol into the stainless steel burner and igniting the fuel with the appropriate lighting device provided with the ethanol heater.

The bio ethanol simply combusts inside its stainless steel burner producing clean emissions; including heat, and small amounts of steam and carbon dioxide. To turn off the heater, simply use the appropriate utensil provided with the ethanol heater and cover the flame with its lid or hinged flap.

Do Ethanol Give Off Much Heat?

Absolutely, ethanol heaters are vent-less, meaning all the heat stays in the room rather than escaping up a chimney like it would on other traditional burning heaters. Increased heat retention means a better fuel efficiency. Our ethanol fires will heat on average 20m2 - 60m2 (5,000 - 15,000 BTU's), depending on the model; plenty of heat to keep you warm.

Types of Ethanol Heaters

Built-in Ethanol Heaters are either recessed in to a wall or surface as an insert or wall mounted. Built-in ethanol heaters require professional installation as they need strict installation guidelines followed such as structural support, using of non-combustible materials and adhering to clearances. These units are usually represented as long linear flame fireplaces.

Freestanding Ethanol Heaters are considered fire furniture that bring versatility and flexibility to indoor and outdoor heating. Freestanding bio fuel heaters are commonly used as centrepieces and placed against a wall as a feature. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, they fall in to three categories: fireplaces, fire pits or fire tables. All freestanding units require no installation, simply unpack, put into position and enjoy.