The Wedge™ 450 XPWB™ Ultimate Combo Kit

Released at our last expo (Melbourne Leisurefest, October 4 -7, 2018 this month) we are proud to introduce another 3 models of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ to the quality 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials used in the SLOT ME IN™ range of products.

These 3 new models of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ XPWB™ 450, 600 & 900 models now bring a total of 11 models of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ to choose from.

All 3 new additional models are available ONLY as a complete “ULTIMATE COMBO SET” consisting of the following.

* Fire pit body…including the drop in V Plate™ as per THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ 500, 800 & 1100 models and THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500 & 600 models already using this original V Plate™ system invented by SLOT ME IN™.

* Water fillable under tray (saves your lawn & deck when filled with water when in use).

* Cookware support bar set (upper and lower levels, cross bars and lengthways respectively) with our patented POZI LOK™ & POZI LIFT™ notches and lifting points for securely locating them when used to support cookware on them over the fire without them sliding out.

* Spit rotisserie support bracket set (1 set)...XPWB™ models can hold 3 sets now (optional additional twin set available separately) with our patented POZI LIFT™ lifting points.

* Slot Me In™ Multi-Tool (our patented fire tool with 101 plus uses, oh and a stubby opener included in it too as all good Aussie inventions must have).

* Heat resistant leather safety gloves (1 pair XL)

* Heavy duty canvas storage bag

All 3 new models are coded 450, 600 & 900 which refers to the length of the fire pit body in mm. The XPWB™ refers to the material used and body shape, XP™ with regards to our steel used in fabrication which is BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel in a 4mm thickness, the WB™ refers to the new end on body shape “WIDE BODY”, hence XPWB for short.

One of the major new features with these three new models is TRIPLE SPIT ROTISSERIE CAPABITITY. All three new models can run 3 spit rotisseries all at once or there are 3 positions to run a single spit rotisserie or options for 2 spits also. You can even run 1 or 2 spits plus our great accessory the SLOT ME IN AUSSIE BOOMERANG SWING ARM KOOKA™ (see LATEST NEWS APRIL 2018 for full details) all at once. This gives the outdoor cook a whole new range and dimension to cook on and increase the output even further. The body is wider too by 80mm over our ORIGINAL 450, 600 & 900 model WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™ (which remain in the range). With a wider body our 400mm wide grills and combo hot plate/grills can be used on the new models as can the narrower 320mm wide ones for use on the original 450, 600 and 900 models.

Carried over from THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ 500, 800 & 1100 models and THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500 & 600 models are the great low down long drafting slots on each of the sides. There are 4 slots on the 450 model, 6 slots on the 600 model and 9 slots on the 900model on each side plate. With a lower centre of gravity and over all height reduction than the ORIGINAL series 450, 600 & 900 models these new drafting slots create a fantastic breathing fire box whether used as a fire pit or charcoal cooker and spit. The wide body design lends itself to a bigger fire box obviously too so you can enjoy a bigger fire when not cooking on it also.

Obviously weight has increased a little in these 3 new models due to the increase in body width and with the introduction of the drop in V Plate™ now incorporated in them. However they are still a TOTAL and true FLAT PACK fire pit & camp cooker and pack down FLAT and into the heavy duty canvas storage bags included with the respective ULTIMATE COMBO KITS.

Just like all the other WEDGE FIRE PIT’S™ in the range NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY they all just “SLOT” together in a matter of seconds.

Weights for each new model (as a complete ULTIMATE COMBO KIT with all inclusions as listed above are as follows).

* The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 450 XPWB™ 21.2kg

* The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 600 XPWB™ 25.33kg

* The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 900 XPWB™ 35.05kg

Weight for the fire box component only of the XPWB™ range is as follows.

* 450 XPWB™ model 15.4kg

* 600 XPWB™ model 19.3kg

* 900 XPWB™ model 26.8kg

All 3 new models now stand 235mm high when fully assembled which is down from the 340mm of the ORIGINAL 450, 600 & 900 models. The width though on the new models is up 80mm to 500mm over the ORIGINAL 450, 600 & 900 models which are 420mm wide. The overall surface area of each new model is thus increased resulting in a larger and more productive cooking area and able to contain a larger fire too.

The very low centre of gravity in the new models creates a very stable fire pit and one that can be enjoyed and seen easily, keeping you warm and cosy when sitting around it at camp or in your backyard at home relaxing in your favourite chair. Used in conjunction with the water filled under tray included the new models still won’t damage lawns or decks (providing the tray is maintained full of water when in use).

THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ range will continue to grow and evolve as it has since the introduction of AUSTRALIA’S FIRST & ORIGINAL TOTAL FLAT PACK FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER, THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ 600 “ULTIMATE COMBO KIT” way back in the 1970’s. As you know here at SLOT ME IN ™ we will continue to bring you original and innovative Aussie made from Aussie material products, that we invent, design, test, develop and manufacture as we are the innovators not the imitators and WE LOVE FIRE & FOOD™ a passion that keeps driving us to give you more for enjoying the great Aussie outdoors. Products released like these today undergo sometimes years of testing and development. Makes you wonder what we have coming next, there are plenty more on their way so keep an eye out on our website here or our social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and the like.

We have a new accessory COMING SOON that can be added to these new models, the ORIGINAL 450, 600 & 900 models and Aussie Explorer™ models 500 & 600 as well, that will make them super caravan park friendly, (not that they aren’t now) however some caravan parks have very strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to fire pits being used in them and rightly so. We here at SLOT ME IN™ have been working together with a major caravan park chain to develop and test this new accessory due for release around late November to early December this year, so stay tuned.

All 3 new models are available now either direct from SLOT ME IN™ or from authorized distributors listed on our website Australia wide in every state and territory.

Please note some distributors may not stock our full range and they might have to be ordered in as a special order. This may incur a delivery charge as does purchasing direct from SLOT ME IN™ also.

Pricing for the 3 new model WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™ XPWB™ 450, 600 & 900 models are as follows.

The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 450 XPWB™ $599.00 plus shipping costs if applicable.

The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 600 XPWB™ $649.00 plus shipping costs if applicable.

The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ 900 XPWB™ $759.00 plus shipping costs if applicable.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly whether BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.