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    EcoSmart Fire

    Stix Ethanol Fire Pit, Black

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    Stix Black Ethanol Fire Pit

    Create a visually striking campfire with the Japanese designed Stix Ethanol Fire Pit. A traditional looking fire place with a contemporary twist for lovers of the outdoors.
    • Fully portable, Effortlessly set up and easily re-positioned.
    • The Stix fire design evokes a comfort and mood of a wood campfire.
    • Stylish and clever design, stainless steel sticks secure around a AB3 burner.
    • Fueled by e-NRG Bioethanol, it is designed to produce a thick vibrant orange flame for up to 11 hours.
    • Environmentally friendly, e-NRG Bioethanol is a readably available renewable energy.
    • Clean Burning. No smoke, soot or ash - allows safe stress free and indoor use.
    • 90% generated heat efficiency - provides maximum value.
    • No gas, electricity or flue - for very easy set up or installation.

    Optional Accessories: Protective Cover

    Included Accessories: Fire Lighter, Lighting Rod, 5L Jerry Can, Jerry Can Extension Spout

    Burner: AB3
    Capacity: 2.5 liters
    Heats on Average: 20m2
    Minimum Room: 40m3
    Burn Time: 8 - 11 hours
    Thermal Output: 6.1 MJ/h - 1.7 kW/h

    EcoSmart Fire

    Materials: Stainless Steel Grade 304
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 14kg
    Dimensions: L557xW556xH780mm

    Model Specifications
    Operation & Maintenance Manual
    Installation & Clearances Manual

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