SMI Equilateral Fire Pit

Design: Supaflow Sided™

The SLOT ME IN™ EQUILATERAL FIRE PITS™ consist of 4 pieces and are a 3 sided fire pit that simply SLOT together and require NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY, with a drop in base plate being the fourth component. Designed to be shipped flat they are a very functional yet stunning looking fire pit primarily for a dedicated FIRESCAPED™ area at home or in a commercial setting such as clubs, pubs, bistros, breweries, wineries, cafes and the like to be permanently set up. They can of course be dismantled for storage or transportation if required as well. The design was inspired from our 4 angled sided square fire pit THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ released earlier this year in June 2016.

Based on an equilateral triangle these new fire pits have three equal length sides with all intersecting angles at 60 degrees viewed directly overhead and the sides also slant or rake in at 60 degrees up from the base or rather the horizontal. The fourth component again is an equilateral triangle plate that simply drops and locates into position. This base plate is up 115mm from the ground giving a fire body depth of approximately 235mm and the fire pit area is huge allowing for large pieces of firewood and giving the biggest of warm and cosy fires.

There are 2 models, the first is the SOLID SIDED™ model and as its name suggests the sides are all solid. The second model is the SUPAFLOW SIDED™ model with each side having a series of 11 equilateral triangle alternating up and down cut out vents (33 in total) making for an extra efficient burning fire pit. Both models have tapering ends (at all 3 side junctions) dropping down which also allow for excellent entry of fresh air to enable great combustion and subsequently a super-efficient burning fire also.

Both models are made from Australia’s finest steel being 6mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel in a 350HR grade. Made for a lifetime of enjoyment in the great outdoors either model will make a statement in its designated position. Ideally they should be positioned on a non-combustible base such as stone, gravel or paving. There will be a triangular water fillable optional undertray coming soon to enable them to be burnt on  timber decking, provided the tray is maintained full of water while in use. A triangular deck trolley will also follow as another accessory as will a dedicated combo grill/hotplate and spit rotisserie.

Over time and exposed to the elements these fire pits will take on a rustic patina all of their own, starting with the cold steel grey blue as supplied from new through to a vibrant bright orange and settle to a deep bronze red.

Set Up:  810mm W x 760mm D x 350mm H (sides each measure 810mm L & intersect at 60 degrees)

Weight: 52.3kg

Components: 3 identical sides and a fourth drop in base plate. (4 pieces in total)