Best Smokeless Fire Pits

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Best Smokeless Fire Pits

Few things are as pleasant as cosying around a fire, whether indoors or outdoors. It is a major reason why more and more people are investing in fire pits. These pits offer people an excellent way to improve their home’s visual appeal while providing them a safe place to gather around and get cosy. Initially, fire places used to be quite basic and all the same. However, as time passed, companies started manufacturing modern variants offering people with more convenience.

While having an outdoor or indoor fire pit is all well and good, many people complain that sitting around them for long period irritates their eyes or leaves their clothes smelling of ash and soot. Do you also face similar issues with your current fire pit? If yes, you may want to consider opting for smokeless fire pits or also know as an bioethanol fire pit.

How are Smokeless Fire Pits Different from Traditional Ones?

Smokeless fire pits have a highly efficient, unique design that is great for producing clean burning fire with smoke or smell. Generally, smokeless fire pits use bioethanol as fuel. Producing heat, steam and small amounts of CO2, without  pollutants or toxins. 

The vent-less design allows all the heat produced stays in the area rather than needing to escaping up a chimney like a traditional fire.

These fire pits are very simple to set up and do not require a electrical or gas connection for operation. The free-standing design provides a 'unpack & ignite' fire pit solution.



Mix 600 Ethanol Fire Bowl

Mix 600Mix 600

The Mix 600’s design resembles the outdoor fireplace style in many ways. However, there are some standout differences that make this smokeless fire pit quite unique. First off, this piece will be the centre of attention no matter where you place it. Its circle shaped design is quite inviting and will entice people nearby to gather around and cozy up.

This smokeless fire pit’s visually stunning flame, elegant and simple shape will improve the visual appeal of any area in an instant. As far as durability goes, this fire pit is unmatched. The manufacturer used weather resistant, hardwearing materials to ensure the product lasts long and does not undergo too much wear and tear.

What’s more, this product is available in two different sizes, making sure you can choose one according to the size of your room.


Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Manhattan 50Manhattan 50

If you are looking for a heavy-duty smokeless fire pit for the outdoors, consider giving the Manhattan a try. This pit has a durable has patio heater with a unique and durable finish. What’s most impressive about this product is that unlike regular fireplaces, you can sit very close to this one. There is no emission of smoke or ash to irritate your eyes or make your clothes smell weird.

You will especially like this product if you plan to conduct a bonfire party outside your house. All you need to do is place this smokeless fire pit on your desired location, light it up, and enjoy the warm yet smoke free experience. The Manhattan fire pit’s design is extra stylish and will grab people’s attention at first type. You can place this pit table in a variety of places like your backyard, patio etc.

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Mix 850 Ethanol Fire Bowl

Mix 850Mix 850

Ethanol fire pits are becoming highly popular these days because of their clean burning fuel. The Mix 850 Ethanol fire pit may be among the best of them because of it doesn’t emit smoke like traditional pits. The manufacturer used concrete composite to make this product, adding a fair bit of durability. However, durability is not the only quality the Mix 850 has to offer as it looks super stylish as well.

What’s more, this fire pit uses renewable, eco-friendly energy, making sure you don’t have to spend copious amounts of money on fuel. The standout thing about this indoor fire pit is that it is easily portable. You can easily move it indoors and outdoors without requiring much help.

Stix Ethanol Fire Pit


This fireplace is a modern twist to the regular campfires people are used to. The Stix Black’s look is a blend of styles belonging to different cultures. This fireplace consists of several tubular sticks made from stainless steel, creating a stunning yet practical fire for alfresco and indoor environments. While there are other fire pits that offer the same qualities as this one, Stix stands out because of its ability to keep smoke emissions to a minimum.

Available in black or stainless steel colors, the Stix Black smokeless fire pit uses bioethanol as fuel, proving that it is quite stylish and energy efficient. If you are tired of your current fire pit emitting too much smoke, replacing it with the Stix Black will prove to be a tremendous idea, as this pit provides safe, clean burning fire without creating a mess.

Cosmo 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Cosmo 50Cosmo 50

Every product manufacture by Eco Smart is an improvement upon the previous one and this fire pit is the perfect example. The company once again blurs the lines between furniture and technology, offering users with something truly unique. Gone are the days when you had to worry about inhaling smoking while sitting near your fireplace. With the presence of high quality smokeless fire pits like Cosmo, you can rest easy knowing that you can enjoy time sitting close to your fire pit for hours.

Eco Smart once again used its sophisticated engineering to ensure people get a clean, environmentally friendly fire place that provides warmth for long periods. One of the best things about this product is that it does not require installation. Just place it wherever you please and enjoy its warmth. This fire pit uses bioethanol as fuel and has a modern yet classy look, proving that it is incredibly versatile.

Martini 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Martini 50Martini 50

Functional, simple, and elegant, this fire table is ideal for entertainment. The Martini fire pit by Eco Smart fire offers abundance of space, allowing you to set down drinks, foods and other items, creating a welcome space for your friends and family members to gather around. If you are looking for a smokeless firepit that gets hold of your attention right away, few products will be as good as this one.

Like most fire pits by Eco Smart fire, this one also uses Bioethanol for fuel, providing you with a tremendous, eco-friendly option. With this product, you don’t have to worry about things like ash, soot, or smoke making a mass of your room or patio. Eco Smart fire engineered this product using composite concrete, making sure it is highly durable but isn’t too heavy.

Pod 30 Ethanol Fire Bowl

Pod 30Pod 30

Inspired from forms and shapes of old school pottery, the Pod 30 fire pit offers a unique blend of classic and modern fire pit. The smokeless fire this pit offers is excellent for creating an inviting, warm centerpiece for the outdoors where you can gather around with your guests and enjoy, regardless of the season.

This smokeless fire pit uses bio-ethanol, providing users with an environmentally friendly option. With no ash, soot, or even smoke to clean up, you can use the Pod 30 indoors as well. Eco Smart Fire uses its renowned technology to offer you a sophisticated yet streamlined system that is durable and looks great wherever you keep it. While the Pod 30 is made up of robust materials, it’s weight is surprisingly light, ensuring that it is easily portable.

Mini T Ethanol Fire Pit

Mini tMini t

Do you want a smokeless fire pit that creates ambiance and warmth in your alfresco dining room or garden? If yes, then consider opting for the Mini T fire pit by Eco Smart Fire. This pit offers a lot more than traditional fireplace variants. Inspired by Roman designs, the Mini T looks tremendous indoors as well as outdoors.

Setting this fire pit up is relatively straightforward and you don’t have to worry about things like flue, electricity or gas. Instead, this smokeless fire pit uses clean burning beothanol fuel. Once again, Eco Smart fire, used highly durable materials for manufacturing this product, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear any time soon. What’s more, you can place the Mini T model doesn’t require too much maintenance, which is always a plus for every fire pit owner.

Base 30 Ethanol Fire Table

Base 30Base 30

Most people buy smokeless fire pits for three main reasons: warmth, entertainment, and relaxation. If you also want a fireplace that offers these three qualities, the Base 30 by Eco Smart fire would be an excellent option. What’s most impressive about this pit is that it is a combination of a fire pit and coffee table. The Base 30 has a round ethanol burner, which gives it a classic yet contemporary look that goes great with different types of outdoor decoration styles.

With so many tremendous smokeless fire pits available, you can finally choose one that looks good in your house. Most of the products discussed in this piece are quite versatile and will look tremendous regardless of wherever you place them.

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