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Indoor Fireplaces - What You Need to Know

  • by Rhys
  • 8 min read

Indoor fireplaces are high in demand these days. More and more individuals are installing this product as they learn about the benefits provided by a high-quality indoor fireplace. Most fireplaces for indoor use may seem similar at first glance. However, they are quite different, and you must be careful when choosing them. You'd be surprised to know how many people choose the wrong fireplace, thinking they are the same. Are you also planning to buy an indoor fire pit for your home?

If the answer is yes, continue reading this article as we will discuss everything you need to know about an indoor fireplace, ensuring you make a well-informed decision when you buy them.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace
Cosmo 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Different Types of Indoor Fireplaces

Wood Stove Fireplace

Woodstove indoor fireplaces bear several similarities with traditional fireplaces in terms of function and form. You can insert them into your current fireplace or install them on freestanding legs. While this is an excellent option and will significantly improve your indoor’s visual appeal, installing a wood stove fireplace is a bit complicated. You may even require some construction to ensure you place them the right way.

If you want complete authenticity that traditional fireplaces provide, a woodstove fireplace would be an excellent option.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are ideal for people looking to improve their indoor visual appeal but don't mind compromising the heat output. In most cases, people install their electric fireplaces near their media consoles as it allows them to watch their favorite movies or shows with a cozy fire next to or underneath their screens.

Most electric fireplaces contain heated coils for drawing in and heating the cool air. Installing an electric fireplace is incredibly easy as all you need to do is plug a ten-volt outlet. Remember, electric fireplaces do not provide the same output as their traditional counterparts but are a great option for people who prioritize aesthetic appeal and safety.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace utilizes propane or natural gas to achieve consistent flames. These flames burn around fake logs to achieve the feel and look of a high-quality wood stove fireplace. Contrary to popular belief, indoor gas fireplaces do not require chimneys or flues. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about things like maintenance, cleaning, or leaving the flue open. All you need to do is activate the fireplace and enjoy it.

Installing a gas fireplace is relatively straightforward. You will only require a gas line and a place where you can hook it. Consider consulting an experienced gas line installing specialist or plumber to ensure maximum safety and an error-free installation process.

Vent-Free Fireplaces

Vent-free fireplaces are exactly as their names imply – vent free. What’s most impressive about these fireplaces that you don’t need to install them. You can install this indoor fireplace wherever you please without worrying about combustion or other safety hazards. The only drawback these fireplaces have is that their output is lower than gas and traditional fireplaces.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace
Igloo Ethanol Designer Fireplace

Best Fuel Source for Your Indoor Fireplace


Bioethanol is arguably the most popular and safest fuel source used by indoor fireplace owners. Bioethanol is an alcohol-based gel, and it lights up exactly like real logs. It is a clean-burning fuel source and does not require additional ventilation. Bioethanol fuel comes in cans, and it is incredible energy-saving abilities make it an excellent option for most indoor fireplace owners.

Pellet and Wood

If you are a fan of traditional fireplaces, consider investing in a pellet or wood-burning stove. As opposed to gel, gas, or electric fireplaces, wood-burning stoves provide the classic popping and crackling sound. Since these units contain authentic wood, they create real ash and smoke. You will need proper ventilation if you use wood or pellet as your indoor fireplace’s fuel source.


As mentioned earlier, gas is a significantly more energy-efficient fuel source compared to wood. What’s most impressive about this fuel source is that its beat output remains consistent, and it doesn't give off fumes. You can use propane or natural gas to light up your fireplace with gas and obtain a traditional fireplace's realism.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace
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Benefits of Having an Indoor Fireplace

Are you still unsure about getting an indoor fireplace for your home? If the answer is yes, the following benefits might change your mind.

Cozy Atmosphere

Very few heating appliances provide the cozy warmth offered by indoor fireplaces. No matter which type of fireplace you buy, an indoor fire pit will keep the atmosphere cozy and comfortable. Fireplaces provide a cheerful area to gather around with family and friends – you can even listen to your favorite songs or read books inside your house.

It Cuts Electricity Costs

Electricity costs are at an all-time high, and cutting down energy costs is more important than ever. Indoor fireplaces are quickly becoming people's go-to heating sources because of their energy-saving abilities. Purchasing bioethanol or firewood costs significantly less than paying hefty electricity bills, a massive reason why everyone must consider opting for an indoor fireplace.

They Provide warmth when there is no Electricity.

Power outages are quite common during the winter storms. Having an indoor fireplace will ensure you can stay warm and have sufficient light despite the absence of electricity. The last thing you want when the power is out is to get cold while waiting for the power to come back. An indoor fireplace will eliminate this issue, helping you stay warm at all times.

Most Indoor Fireplaces are Eco-Friendly

Modern indoor fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient, providing ample heat indoors. You’d be shocked to learn that some models even provide heat distributing features, ensuring that your room's area is equally cozy. Furthermore, fuel sources like bioethanol and wood ensure there is little to no carbon footprint, ensuring they are friendly for the environment.

Some indoor fireplaces also produce smokeless heat, ensuring that your house remains safe and free from fire hazards.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace
Ghost Ethanol Designer Fireplace

Essential Considerations Before Buying an Indoor Fireplace

As discussed previously, you should never buy an indoor fireplace merely by face value. In most cases, people purchase the wrong accessory, proving to be a waste of money. Here is a list of critical elements you must consider to ensure you buy the right product.

Which Energy Source Will You Use?

You must be extra careful when choosing an energy source for your indoor fireplace. For instance, utilizing wood or pellet may not be for everyone, as it may be dangerous for your room or other areas of your house. While every energy source has its unique benefits, bioethanol is arguably the safest and most energy-efficient option.

How Much Heat do you require?

Every individual who aspires to buy an indoor fireplace must consider the amount of heat they will require. People with extraordinarily huge rooms may need a massive fireplace. On the other hand, people with smaller rooms should consider choosing a smaller accessory.

Does the Fireplace Match your Stylistic Preference?

While style and design are secondary elements of choosing a fireplace, you must never ignore them. Consider choosing an accessory matching your house’s style. Fortunately, there are thousands of options available in the market, and choosing one that matches your preferences wouldn't be a tough task.

Do You Require Ventilation?

You may require ventilation for some indoor fireplace types, and the last thing you want when choosing a fireplace is a house that doesn't have ventilation. Can you install a chimney or vent for your fireplace? More importantly, can you afford the installation charges for the ventilation? Consider asking yourself these questions before buying your indoor fireplace.

What is Your Budget?

The budget is arguably the most important element to consider before buying an indoor fireplace for your home. While the purchasing cost will make most of your budget, you should also count the costs of installing the fireplace in your house. Whatever the case, it would be best if you chose the highest quality fireplace to ensure it lasts long.

You may come across an affordable fancy-looking fireplace with tons of features, but there is a chance that may not be as good as advertised. In such cases, the best course of action would be to choose this accessory from a renowned and reliable brand. There are tons of fireplace brands available these days, and it shouldn't be hard to find one that fulfills your specific requirements.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

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Burner Options

Valentino by Planika


The idea behind designing Valentino was to create the fireplace resembling of traditional, natural style fireplace. Flames flow irregularly around authentic-looking logs but still you avoid ash, smell and smoke.
Equipped with anti-reflective glass and 15 flame heights, Valentino allows the user to customize the fire to their own desire. With its numerous safety sensors and Eco Flow mode, this gas fireplace makes a perfect solution for high-demanding real fire admirers.

XL500 Ethanol Burner

 Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

The XL500 is a highly demanded indoor fireplace by Eco Smart fire. Its compact size and aesthetic design make it a great option for people with smaller rooms. The product delivers a visually pleasing and lasting flame. Like many other models in the XL series, installing this model is incredibly straightforward. As the name implies, this product uses bioethanol fuel, a great option for people looking to cut energy costs.

Planika ASTRO 850 Electric Fireplace


Astro not only decorates but also warms up your home. Take advantage of the 2-stage heater to enjoy cosy winter evenings.
Two heating levels: 1500W and 3000W.

The Multizone Colourflow lets you give Astro your own look. There are three lighting zones, each with individual colour settings.

Flame Hue: Natural amber colour? Or maybe vivid turquoise? Set your favourite colour for the flame and make it look like never before.
Downlight Logs Illumination: The LED panels installed above the furnace illuminate the logs.
Glowing Floor: A colourful floor with glowing effect. To give it more depth we decorated Astro with translucent crystals that vividly flicker and catch the same colour as the floor.

Firebox 1100 CV

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

Eco Smart Fire’s 1100 CV is a curved and improved variant of the traditional fireplace. The product’s intelligent design provides excellent heat output and flame safety. Eco Smart Fire used high-quality steel to manufacture this product, ensuring that it is durable and can withstand rough use. The Firebox 1100 can complement a vast range of finishes and building materials, proving to be an immensely versatile option.

XL1200 Ethanol Fireplace

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

Creating unique and welcoming social settings becomes a breeze with Eco Smart Fire’s XL1200. This accessory's stunning design, paired with its tremendous heat output, makes it a must-have for everyone aspiring to buy a high-quality fireplace.

The VB2 Burner

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

If you are looking for an accessory to integrate into your current fireplace, Eco Smart Fire’s VB2 ethanol burner wouldn’t be a bad choice. Its minimalist design and durable stainless steel can last for years. Furthermore, this product requires minimal maintenance, and installing it is relatively straightforward, two elements that every indoor fireplace buyer wants.

The XL700 Ethanol Burner

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

Eco Smart Fire's award-winning XL 700 ethanol fireplace is as versatile as it gets. You can utilize it as a standalone burner or integrate it into an existing fireplace. You will love this accessory if you love long and aesthetically pleasing flames without worrying about ash, soot, smoke, and other by-products.

Indoor FireplaceIndoor Fireplace

Wharf 65 Ethanol Fire Table

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the fundamentals of choosing the right indoor fireplace, why don’t you choose one for your house or office? With the vast product range available in online and offline stores, you will find an option meeting your needs.

Once again, it would be in your best interest to remember the essential considerations mentioned earlier to ensure you choose the right accessory.

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