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Fire Burners - Things to Know

  • by Rhys
  • 8 min read

Fire burners are a popular item in most houses. As the name suggests, these burners are excellent products to provide heat wherever you install them. Their aesthetic advantages are irrefutable as they can provide the cozy, warm feeling you seek during the winters, whether you are outdoors or inside your house. Yes, you can install fire burners wherever you please. The modern variants, in particular, are quite safe and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

These products are useful for several other things than merely providing heat. They are ideal for adding ambiance for parties, family gatherings, and other events. You can also use fire burners when you are all by yourself. Pour yourself a glass of wine and read your favorite book as you enjoy the burner's warmth. Also referred to as fireplace, these burners are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

The modern versions are especially suitable for small rooms because of their lightweight and easy portability. What’s most impressive about these fireplaces is that unlike traditional variants, these are safe and don't mess your room or lawn once you close them.

Fire Burnerfire burner
Base 30 Ethanol Fire Table

Different Types of Fire Burners

You will find a vast range of fire burners in the market. Their different designs and fuel sources separate them from each other. Every fire burner type has its pros and cons, and the option you choose ultimately depends on your preference. Wood burners, gas burners, and ethanol burners are arguably the most popular options used by individuals. They produce excellent heat and ensure the fire remains lit for an extended period.

However, the ethanol burners are quickly becoming the most favorable option among fire pit enthusiasts. Why? Because more and more people are starting to realize that ethanol is one of the safest and most efficient fuel sources for fireplaces. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and doesn't create a mess, unlike gas and wood-burning options.

Wood, in particular, can be quite dangerous if left unattended. Its flames are incredibly high, and the soot and smoke it releases are not healthy. Furthermore, getting pieces of wood for your fireplace is a massive inconvenience. Nobody wants to go outside looking for well-cut pieces. On the other hand, ethanol is as convenient as it gets. All you need to do is pour it into your ethanol-based burner, and you will be good to go.

It would be best to do some research when buying a burner for your house. Ensure that their build is solid, and their shape matches your particular needs. Many people mistakenly purchase burners that are not compatible with their fireplace's structure. It is a massive waste of money, and in some cases, retailers do not return your money or exchange the product. Consider reading your fireplace’s instruction manual to ensure you choose the correct burner.

 Fire BurnerFire Burner
Cosmo 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Are Fire Burners Safe?

Gone are the days when people had to worry about their burner's safety. Since more and more companies are competing to stand out in this industry, you can expect an influx of high-quality fire burners. Nevertheless, you should only choose the most reliable options as there are many subpar products in the market.

You will have to practice precaution no matter which fire burner you choose. An ethanol burner could be as dangerous as a wood burner if you are not careful. With that said, fireplaces using ethanol biofuel are as safe as they come. Compared to other options, ethanol produces the least amount of carbon dioxide emissions, making it the most environmentally friendly option for installing a fireplace in rooms, porches, and other areas of the house.

As most of you may know, fire requires oxygen – and it is the same with fire fueled by ethanol. Electric fireplaces are the only option that does not release any byproduct. However, it is not the same as other options. If you want to enjoy the warmth and visually appealing look of a fireplace with minimal byproducts, go for an ethanol fire burner. It is safe, and with proper care, you will not have to worry about accidents.

On the other hand, wood stoves are significantly more dangerous because of their byproduct emissions coming from the burning wood. The fumes, ashes, and soot coming from wood burners is an environmental hazard and could also lead to house fires. So, it would be best to opt for an ethanol fire burner and remove any doubt altogether.

Fire BurnerFire Burner
Stix Ethanol Fire Pit

Benefits of Ethanol Fire Burners

Fire burners provide tons of benefits. As discussed earlier, they can be installed inside and outside your house. Some people even keep them in their living rooms. As long as the product you choose belongs to a well-reputed company, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your investment did not go in vain. Are you still on the fence about whether you should buy a fire burner? The benefits mentioned below will change your mind by making you realize why this product is a must-have.

Easy Installation

Installing traditional wood-burning or gas stoves used to be a massive hassle. People had to spend hours to assemble them, ensuring they don’t fall apart while burning. Modern fire burners, however, are vastly different. You can find a vast range of easy-to-fit and company-led options, ensuring you don't have to worry about installation. As mentioned earlier, most of these products are incredibly light and easily portable, and you will just need to place them in your preferred area.

It would be best to choose a freestanding option if you don’t want to mount your burner. However, you may require professional assistance if you choose a wall-standing fireplace. Of course, you can mount it yourself too, but getting a pro to do it would be much safer.

Low Maintenance

The last thing people want when buying a fire burner is maintaining it every few days. What makes matters worse is that some products require extra care and attention. Otherwise, their quality and performance drastically deteriorate. Contemporary fire burners, however, do not require too much maintenance. Light cleaning for ten minutes once or twice a week will do the trick.

However, you can prolong your pit’s life by closing your burner’s lid and thoroughly cleaning it after it cools down.

Incredible Visual Appeal

Few things are as good as fire burners to add visual appeal to your preferred area. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, your burner will become the center of attention wherever you place it, adding some much-needed flair and style. These burners are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. So, you can choose from a wide variety and get the product matching your stylistic preferences.

Pollution Free

Traditional wood burners posed massive health and environmental hazard. Their emissions were quite dangerous and caused various breathing problems for anyone who inhaled them. Modern fire burners are remarkably safer and environmentally friendly. Unlike older variants, you can control the heat and keep the emissions to a minimum.

You can also entirely choose a pollution-free option like ethanol fire burners and ensure you don’t inhale C02, smoke, or ashes. However, it would be in your best interest to keep the burner away from flammable items as all it takes is a tiny mistake to cause a fire accident.

Ethanol Fire Burners are Energy Efficient

Lack of energy efficiency is one of the most significant issues faced by gas or wood fire burner owners. Of course, their output is excellent, but they do not last long. Furthermore, frequently refueling your burner can become quite costly if you use them regularly. Ethanol fire burners are an excellent energy-efficient alternative to fireplaces using traditional fuel sources.

One of the best things about these burners is that you can switch off your burner whenever you want and reuse the remaining ethanol the next time you ignite the burner.

Fire burnerfire burner
Manhattan Ethanol Fire Table

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Essential Fire Burner Considerations

Are you new to fire burners and don't know what to look for when buying them? As mentioned below, there is no need to worry; some essential fire burner considerations will help you choose the right product.

  • Determine the shape and size of the pit for your outdoor or indoor space

  • Decide the flame size, presentation and heat output you want

  • Choose a suitable fuel type (choose ethanol if you prioritize energy efficiency and safety)

  • Thoroughly read the manufacturer's requirements and consult the manual to ensure your burners are compatible with your needs.

  • It would be best to create a long list and narrow it down until you find a burner that fulfills your requirements.

Fire BurnerFire Burner
Gin 90 Low Ethanol Fire Table

Fire Burner Safety Tips

  • Choose a CSA tested, and UL approved burner to choose the safest option. It will ensure the product went through rigorous testing to ensure it is a safe and reliable appliance.

  • Utilize a thin media layer for covering the fire burner. The product’s manual will have installation recommendations for what you should do when installing it.

  • Enlist a licensed professional’s help to install your burner. You must be extra cautious when installing gas burners as faulty fitting, line, and connections could lead to terrible accidents.

  • Thoroughly clean the burner and ignition area to prevent the build-up of debris, dirt, and bugs.

  • Don't cover your fire burner with media if it has a spark ignition. Leave adequate space, ensuring it lights properly.

Fire burnerFire Burner
Mix 850 Ethanol Fire Bowl

Why Ethanol Burners are a Better Option

As mentioned earlier, ethanol burners will provide you more value for money than other options. Here are some other reasons why you should choose ethanol-based appliances:

  • The only byproducts produced by ethanol burners are water vapors, minimal CO2, and heat.

  • Ethanol is a high quality, clean burning fuel and is free from harmful substances like ashes, soot, or other residues.

  • You don't need to have a chimney vent for these burners. Open windows will provide sufficient ventilation for this ethanol-based appliance.

  • These burners don't produce nasty burning odors or smoke.


Fire BurnerFire burner
Martini Ethanol Fire Table

The Best Burner Options and their Compatible Models

The AB3 Burner

Fire Burner

Eco Smart fire’s AB3 bioethanol based burner is as versatile and modern as they come. Its minimalistic design ensures it is a reliable and consistent option. The burner can be used indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal choice for most fireplace enthusiasts. You can integrate the AB3 burner with well-recognized models like Ghost, Mini T, Stix, and the Mix 600.

The AB8 Burner

Fire Burner

The AB8 burner by Eco Smart fire is a bioethanol based, stainless steel burner that provides excellent burn time. Its output is second to none and you can use it with high-profile models such as Mix 850, Urth, Pod30, Pod40, Base, Ark 40, Kove, Manhattan, Martini, Equinox, and Glow.


The XL 900 Burner

Fire Burner

Perfect for media units, stone benches, pillars, walls, and cabinetry, Eco Smart fire’s XL 900 burner is available in various sizes, ensuring you can choose according to your style preference. These versatile burners are compatible with well-reputed models like Cosmo and Flo.


The BK5 Bioethanol Burner

Fire Burner

Eco Smart fire’s BK5 burner is a versatile option for people owning portable fireplaces. You can use it for your freestanding fireplaces and get an incredible burn time. This product complies with all the necessary global safety regulations, making sure you can use them without hesitation.The BK5 burner is compatible with “Igloo”one of Eco Smart fire’s most stunning centerpieces made from stainless steel and glass.

Fire BurnerFire burner
Mini T Ethanol Fire Pit

Final Thoughts

Most, if not every fireplace manufacturer recommends customers to avoid using their burner in confined areas. It would be best to open your windows to let carbon dioxide exit and invite oxygen. Install your burner in rooms larger than 20 square meters for maximum safety.

Remember the things discussed in this article when buying a fire burner. It will help you choose the right appliance and ensure it lasts longer with proper maintenance. Also, no matter which fuel source you choose, don’t forget the safety tips as not doing so could lead to terrible consequences.

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