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Which Electric Heater is the Best? 2022 Guide

Did you know that, in June of this year, the southeast of Australia experienced a surprising chill? This was brought on by a southern cold air mass, with cold troughs and fronts going through the region. As a result, the majority of southeast Australia experienced snow or rain.

Whether you're in one of the regions that have experienced this intense cold weather, or you need more heat because of the cold winter season, you might be interested in getting an electric heater.

However, if you don't know much about electric heaters, you might be feeling stressed about choosing the right one. Fortunately, in this article, we'll review which electric heater is the best for this year.

Finally, you can stay warm no matter how cold it is outside. Read on to learn more.

Electric Heater Types

There are a variety of electric heater types, including electric fan heaters, electric infrared heaters, electric fireplace heaters, and electric convection heaters. We'll review the pros and cons of each now to help you make your decision.

Electric Fan Heaters

An electric fan heater is, essentially, a hot air fan that runs on electricity. It's a practical, portable, small electric heater, making it ideal if you want to heat up a smaller area in your home, since it won't take up a large amount of space.


If you buy an electric heater of the electric fan type, one of the biggest pros is that you'll save money. Additionally, this fan type often comes in various models so you can choose the right one for you—one that has high heating power and is portable.

If you want to move heat with you around your home, this can be a great choice. Note that this heater type is best for smaller rooms.

Some examples of these smaller rooms include bathrooms and bedrooms. You can also use this heater to heat up your garage if you're in there and don't want to get too chilly.

As for the heating power, you can heat up your room to around 20 degrees within only a couple of minutes! 

As for the different model types, you'll see that there are various ones on the market. There are ceramic radiator ones and smart ones that come with energy-saving functions.


One of the biggest cons of buying this type of electric heater is that it uses up a lot of electric energy. Given the rising costs of energy these days, you could end up with a huge energy bill when you use an electric heater. For this reason, you should only heat small rooms with it.

Additionally, make sure these spaces are better insulated and more enclosed.

Electric fan heaters are also pretty noisy. However, it's important to note that modern models make less noise.

Electric Infrared Heaters

An infrared heater is one that creates heat in a similar way to how the sun does. While the infrared light that this heater type emanates isn't visible to us, it gets absorbed by whatever it hits. This includes anyone who is hit by the infrared light.

As a result, if you're directly in the path of the infrared light an electric infrared heater gives off, you'll feel the heat.


One of the pros of the infrared heater is that it works instantly. Most heaters, because they use convection, will slowly warm up the air until all of the air in the room is warm. But infrared light is a steady heat particle stream.

As a result, the moment that the infrared light hits you, you'll feel the warmth.

An infrared heater is also healthy, gentle, and silent. It's useful for a noise-sensitive environment like a bathroom. Unlike other heaters, an infrared heater doesn't reduce oxygen or humidity in a room.

Additionally, you'll get many of the benefits you experience when you're out in the sun. At the same time, you won't experience UV radiation exposure, which can have dangerous effects.

An infrared heater also has the benefit of being environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

It doesn't operate with the use of carbon combustion. As a result, you won't have to deal with fuel lines, open flames, or toxic by-products.

Additionally, it isn't heating a whole room. As a result, it isn't using the amount of energy necessary to do so. As a result, you'll be more green and spend less on your energy bills.

There's also minimal maintenance when it comes to maintaining an infrared heater. The only maintenance you'll have to do is cleaning.

Finally, an infrared heater often has a stylish design. It isn't bulky and ugly like many other heater types.


If you have any children or pets, you need to make sure that they stay away from the coils of the infrared heater. These can get quite hot, so safety might be an issue if you have little ones or furry friends running around.

The warming is limited, as it only focuses on people who are directly under it. So if you're looking for an indoor heater to heat an entire room, this isn't the right choice.

Additionally, when you turn the heater off, the heat will immediately vanish, as it only occurs when the heater is on.

Electric Fireplace Heaters

If you're looking for a new electric heater, another option is an electric fireplace heater. This type of electric heater is one that you place in your fireplace and that has the aesthetic benefit of having real-looking flames while also providing warmth.


There are many pros to having an electric fireplace heater. These include that they're easy to use, there isn't a mess, they require little maintenance, they're relatively low cost, they can look realistic, and there are different types available.

Additional pros include that installation costs are minimal, they can heat quite well, they can be easy for you to move, they have location flexibility, they're usable in apartments, and there are flame-only options.

You can also get additional features with an electric fireplace heater. There are no harmful emissions, and if you touch the flames, they aren't hot.


One of the cons of getting an electric fireplace heater is that it doesn't have actual flames. So if you want to be sitting be a real fire, you might not be getting what you're hoping for when you purchase an electric fireplace heater.

Another con is the aesthetic look. Depending on your home's decor, an electric fireplace heater could end up looking a bit tacky.

This heater type also has to be close to an electrical outlet. This could look tacky too or be a bit of a hassle.

Another problem is that the parts are non-serviceable. So if you have any problems with the parts, you might have to get a completely different heater.

Electric Convection Heaters

A convection heater is a heater that will heat the room by relying on the room's air circulation. The air will blow over the heating element of the electric convection heater, after which the heater recirculates the air. Over time, this heats the room.


If you're looking for a heater that will heat a whole room over a period of time that's extended, an electric convection heater is a good choice. Additionally, another pro is that this heater type warms a room much faster. This is because of the air moving constantly.

Another pro is safety. The heating elements are inside the heater. Even though its exterior will be hot, it won't burn you if you touch it.


If you get an electric convection heater, one of the cons is that it will take longer to warm the air if a cold draft comes into the heater. This is because the heater responds directly to the air that comes into it.

So when this occurs, the heater will put air into the room that isn't as hot as the air it already put into the room.

There are also potential fan issues. If the heater's fan fails, this can cause the electric convection heater to fail. If the model has plastic in it, the plastic could melt if the device overheats.

Additionally, if you have any objects close to the heater (especially above it), they can potentially block the airflow.

Finally, the energy loss that occurs is higher. This is because an electric convection heater pushes the hot air upwards to the ceiling.

The Features and Benefits of Heatscope Electric Infrared Heaters

If you're looking for the best electric heater, you should get a Heatscope electric infrared heater. One of the main features and benefits you get with these infrared heaters is that they're lightweight. In fact, the smallest and lightest model weighs only 5 kilograms.

Additionally, the infrared technology offers fast heat. Within 15 seconds, the heaters reach full heat. The fast medium waves make this possible.

Another feature is that these heaters come with two mounting brackets. This makes it possible for you to adjust the angle of the heater to accurately alter heat coverage for maximum comfort. Extension rods are available, too.

These electric heaters also have the IP24 rating. This means that they're designed for well-covered areas or with an optional weather shield.

They also meet global compliance requirements. They're UL listed and comply with ACCC in Australia.

Additional Features and Benefits

There's also a heat regulation feature. Each heater is fitted with 2 carbon heating elements. It can be set to 50% or 100% power for a low and high heat setting.

Another benefit of these heaters is that they're high-quality. The aluminium chassis makes these heaters tarnish-free and easy to maintain.

You also have different colour options. Each heater is available in black or white powder coat finish with colour matching grill screen.

Finally, there are on/off buttons. The ON/OFF switch and power cable are located on the side of each heater appliance. Black models have black switches, and white models have white switches.

The Pure Heatscope Heater

The Pure 3000W has a unique design. It's a slimline heater with a contemporary look like no other, and it has the following dimensions: L 1044 x W 166 x H 87 mm. It weighs 7.5 kilograms and is a very powerful heater, reaching full heat within 30 seconds.

It has a single mounting bracket. For this reason, you can adjust the angle of the heater to accurately alter heat coverage for maximum comfort.

With an IP65 rating, this heater is designed for all-weather conditions of wind (dust) and rain. That means it doesn't need a protective shield or any additional protection from the elements.

It also has awarded design, meets global compliance and other standards, has a Schott Nextrema® Glass Ceramic Screen, has heat regulation, is high-quality, and has black or white powder coat colour options.

The Spot Heatscope Heater

The Spot 2800W is lightweight, the smallest and lightest model of the collection. Its dimensions are L 884 x W 184 x H 78 mm and its weight is 5 kilograms. It also reaches full heat within 15 seconds and provides comfortable heat, with 30 to 40% less light output of other traditional radiant heaters.

The rating of this heater is IP24. This means it's designed for well-covered areas or with an optional weather shield.

The Vision Heatscope Heater

The Vision 3200W is the longest model in the collection, and it has the following dimensions: L 1660 x W 184 x D 87 mm. It weighs 11 kilograms. Additionally, it reaches full heat within 30 and 60 seconds, working with midrange wavelengths for a very pleasant warmth and with minimal light.

The rating of this heater is IP44. This means that it's protected against wind and splash water. This makes it a great choice in both indoor and outdoor environments. An optional weather shield is available.

Looking to Buy an Electric Heater?

Now that you've learned which electric heater is best for 2022, you might be interested in buying a heater. In this case, whatever your heating and cooling needs, you should buy an electric heater from us at Outdoor Living Essentials.

We sell Heatscope brand electric heaters, including the ones we've covered in this article. We also sell other heating solutions, as well as furniture.

To buy one of the Heatscope electric heaters we sell, check them out today. 

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