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Sit D24 Dining Chair

Color: Flanelle


Indulge in dining with both comfort and style

Elegant simplicity arises from the combination of clean, streamlined design and high-performance outdoor materials, resulting in a dining chair that exudes understated sophistication and offers space-saving convenience.

Key Features

  • Any Occasion - Versatile Adaptability
  • Timeless style - Enduring Elegance
  • All-weather use - Unwavering Performance
  • Space saving - Efficient Utilization
  • Easy care - Hassle-free Maintenance
  • Flexibility - Tailored Versatility

Suitable for Every Occasion

With its sturdiness and elegance blend, top-notch weather, and stain-resistant materials, the SIT D24 adapts seamlessly to any scenario – from casual meals to special dinners, whether indoors or outdoors.

Enduring Timelessness

Blinde Design's D24 dining chair boasts a timeless allure, courtesy of its sleek lines and straightforward design that remains eternally appealing.

Ready for All Conditions

Crafted from naturally robust teak wood and equipped with weather and stain-resistant Sunbrella® Fabric, this dining chair is an intelligent choice for both outdoor and indoor environments, enduring various elements.

Efficient Space Utilization

The Blinde Design SIT D24 is thoughtfully engineered to slide under most tables effortlessly, freeing up valuable space when not in use.

Simple Maintenance

Upholstered in Sunbrella® fabric, known for its robust and moisture-resistant acrylic composition, the SIT D24 chairs repel stains, mould, mildew, and sun-induced fading – ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Tailored Versatility

Whether the number of chairs, fabric colours, or even the dining table's style, the SIT D24 offers you the flexibility to curate your ideal setup, perfectly harmonizing with your indoor or outdoor space.



Model Dimensions:
W 610mm
D 760mm
H 780mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Teak Wood, Sunbrella® Acrylic Fabric

Model Colours:


Model Specification Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Sit D24 Dining Chair