Connect S37 Modular Sofa

Color: Canvas


Unleash your creativity using five distinct individual modules to craft a style that's uniquely yours.

Blinde's CONNECT modules allow you to design a modular sofa of your desired size and shape, enhanced by the convenient click-to-connect feature that ensures stability. With five separate modules, the possibilities for creating your unique style are endless. Whether you envision a standalone lounge, an extension of your current seating, or adding a cosy chaise for seamless integration into a more extended lounge arrangement, the choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Convenience - streamline your setup
  • Enduring style - timeless elegance
  • Sturdy design - unwavering strength
  • A myriad of options - endless possibilities
  • Designed for the outdoors and - versatile usage

Seamless Adaptability

Effortlessly manoeuvring and interlocking, Blinde Design modular sofas redefine convenience. Tailor the arrangement and setup of your modules to suit any occasion or to introduce a rejuvenating transformation.

Timeless Elegance

The CONNECT modular sofa range features a perpetual charm and a classic, low-back design complemented by graceful curves. This enduring allure transcends fleeting trends.

Robust Craftsmanship

A sturdy coated aluminium frame and a plush foam shell form the backbone of each piece. This fusion of durability and comfort ensures lasting satisfaction.

Limitless Possibilities

Select from a diverse array of eight configuration packages, enabling you to fashion the ultimate modular sofa or lounge that seamlessly aligns with your outdoor or indoor environment and lifestyle.

Indoor-Outdoor Harmony

The luxurious memory foam core, enveloped in supple yet resilient Sunbrella® fabric, blurs the boundaries between exterior and interior. This marriage of comfort and durability thrives in alfresco settings and indoor havens.



Model Dimensions:
L 950mm
W 950mm
H 780mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Coated aluminium frame, Quick dry foam, Sunbrella® Fabric

Model Colours:


Model Specification Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Connect S37 Modular Sofa