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Connect Modular 7 U-Sofa Chaise Sectional

Color: Flanelle


Unwind within exceptional comfort and style

Experience effortless reconfiguration with modules that seamlessly click into place, allowing you to craft the ideal layout to complement your area, ambience, or event. The possibilities unfold within minutes, from an L-shape to a U-shape, a classic chaise sofa, two distinct sofas, and even an optional ottoman. The subtle, clean lines, low-back design, and gentle natural shades of each module effortlessly blend with any backdrop. With a sturdy frame and weather-resistant fabric, your sofa will stand the test of time, maintaining its appeal while serving as a versatile outdoor seating solution.

Key Features

  • Convenience - streamline your setup
  • Enduring style - timeless elegance
  • Sturdy design - unwavering strength
  • A myriad of options - endless possibilities
  • Designed for the outdoors and - versatile usage

Effortless Flexibility

Simplify movement and assembly with Blinde Design's modular sofas. Seamlessly rearrange the combination and layout of your modules to suit any occasion or to embrace a rejuvenating new appearance.

Eternal Elegance

Discover timeless allure within the CONNECT modular sofa range, featuring a classic low-back design adorned with gentle curves. This design transcends passing trends, creating a lasting aesthetic.

Robust Construction

Each piece boasts a resilient coated aluminium frame enveloped in a comfortable foam shell. This fusion of strength and comfort ensures enduring satisfaction.

Infinite Versatility

Select from a diverse range of eight configuration packages, enabling you to craft the ultimate modular sofa or lounge that effortlessly aligns with your outdoor or indoor environment and personal lifestyle.

Designed for Seamless Integration

Indulge in the embrace of memory foam encased in soft yet resilient Sunbrella® fabric, weather-resistant and ideal for both alfresco settings and interior sanctuaries.


Model Dimensions:
L 4117mm
W 3167mm
H 780mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Coated aluminium frame, Quick dry foam, Sunbrella® Fabric

Model Colours:


Model Specification Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Connect Modular 7 U-Sofa Chaise Sectional