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Why You Should Invest in an Indoor Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love spending some time around a toasty, warm fire? It is ideal for adding ambiance and comfort to a chilly night where friends and family members gather and enjoy each other’s company. While most people think of their backyards and other outdoor areas for installing their fire pits, you can also install them inside your house.

Ethanol Fire Pits are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. They increase your house’s overall visual appeal and allow you to experience the same comfort that you would get from an outdoor fireplace. More and more people are choosing this option and consider it to be worth the investment.

You will find a variety of fire pit types available in the market. Each of them has its pros and cons. It would be best to analyze your needs and do some research before selecting an indoor fire pit, ensuring that it matches your needs. With the wide variety of permanent, temporary, and portable structures available these days, you will find one that suits your particular requirements.

Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit
Base 40 Ethanol Fire Table

Benefits of Getting an Indoor Fire Pit

A high-quality fireplace or put is an ideal catalyst for excellent conversation. It also gives you an excuse to steer clear from technology and relax inside your house's comfort. Sure, you can also relax outside, but sometimes staying inside your home feels more comforting. Furthermore, what will you do if the weather isn't suitable? No one wants to miss out on the relaxing sensation provided by fireplaces, and that is where an indoor firepit will come into play.

An Ideal Way to Unwind and Relax

Few things are as exceptional as an indoor fire pit when it comes to blowing off steam—tired after a hard day's work? Lie down near your firepit, maybe listen to some soothing music while you're at it. You can do a wide array of things while resting near your indoor fireplace, ensuring you stay entertained for hours.


Want to improve your house’s interior design? Consider installing an indoor fire pit. They are available in several aesthetically pleasing designs, making sure that you find one that matches your house’s appearance.

Budget-Friendly Options

While indoor fire pits are not the most economical item you can buy, you will find several budget-friendly options. Furthermore, breaking the bank once for a high-quality fireplace will be an excellent decision that will justify every penny you spend on it.


Like outdoor fireplaces, you can install an indoor fire pit in various areas of your house. Most people place it in their lounge or bedroom. However, you can also keep it in your terrace or open-door kitchen, and it will fit in seamlessly.

Martini Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit
Martini 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Are Indoor Fire Pits Safe?

Indoor fire pits are excellent for people who prefer spending most of their time inside their house. However, quite a lot of people are a bit hesitant when buying a fireplace for their home. Their main concern is that these pits can be quite dangerous. Are you one of those people too? Well, let us clarify some things to help you understand why indoor fire pits are safe.

Firstly, there is no denying that fire pits can be dangerous, whether you place them inside or outside. However, they can only be hazardous if you do not tend to them appropriately. Most people who suffer injuries or experience other fire hazards do not practice the correct safety measures when running their indoor fire pit. Otherwise, fireplaces are quite safe, especially when you purchase them from a reputable brand.

Educate yourself with some safety tips, and you will no need to worry about any fire-related trouble.


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Safety Tips


Consider the flooring type you have inside your lounge or wherever you plan to keep your fire pit. Vinyl, composite, and wooden flooring surfaces are combustible. It would be best to place your indoor fire pit on top of a non-combustible option to steer clear from danger.


Read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the distance you must maintain for your fireplace’s location. Ensure that your room is open, and doesn't have flammable items like plants or any other material that can easily catch fire.


You have to practice extra caution when installing a fireplace inside an enclosed area. Smoke can be extremely toxic and doesn’t take much time to build up if your house does not have proper ventilation. Once again, check your city's and manufacturer's requirements to determine the correct amount of open space you must maintain for airflow. Also, installing a high-quality ventilation system will do you a world of good by avoiding smoke inhalation altogether.

Ceiling Height

Firstly, make sure that your house’s ceiling is high enough to allow you to place a fire pit below it. The fire's heat will eventually rise and could cause significant damage to your roof after some time. It could also lead to a fire if your ceiling is too close.

Place your indoor fire pit in an area that has adequate ceiling distance. You should also check the minimum height clearance provided by the fireplace’s manufacturer.

Do Not Leave an Indoor Fire Pit Unattended

Did you know that unattended fires are arguably the most significant reason behind fire pit accidents? Abandoning your fire pit even to consume a beverage could result in unfavourable consequences. Ask someone responsible to stay near the fire if you must leave.

Tiny flames often seem harmless, but they pose a massive threat to everyone's safety. Therefore, steer clear from almost-extinguished fire by putting them out entirely. Pour some water over the embers, check the logs, and switch off the gas before calling it a night.

Indoor Fire PitCosmo Indoor Fire Pit
Cosmo 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Best Options to Fuel Your Indoor Fire Pit

Is this the first time you are planning to buy an indoor fire pit? If yes, you must ensure that you use efficient and safe fueling options. Here are all the conventional fuel sources to light up a fireplace:

  • Bioethanol

  • Wood

  • Propane

  • Natural Gas

While each source provides distinct advantages, you must go with an eco-friendly option. Bioethanol is undoubtedly the best fire pit fueling source you will find.

Why Bioethanol is the Best Option

Biofuel or bioethanol is the most environmentally friendly fueling option you will find. It is a renewable energy source created from grapes, rice, sugarcane, grain, corn, and other plant byproducts. You will find this fuel in gel or liquid form. Unlike other options like natural gas or liquid propane, bioethanol lets you place your system wherever you wish. Indoor firepits that support biofuel offer you a lot of flexibility, especially when using them indoors.

Here are three of the best benefits of bioethanol fuel:

  • You can use it outdoors and indoors without any inconvenience.

  • It is an eco-friendly option.

  • It is clean-burning fuel without smoke, making it perfect for places with little or even no ventilation.

  • There's no smell or mess.

Manhattan Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit
Manhattan 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Best Indoor Fire Pits on the Market

Stix Ethanol Fire Pit

 Stix Indoor Fire PitStix Indoor Fire Pit

The Stix Ethanol Fire Pit lets you create visually appealing campfire indoors. While its look is quite traditional, Stix will light up your lounge and make it an ideal place for gatherings. Here are some benefits and features that you will get from this product:

  • Installing it is quite simple

  • No electricity or gas required

  • Stix is a clean-burning indoor fire pit that doesn't create ash, soot, or smoke. It is a perfect indoor option

  • The product is easily portable

  • It emulates the mood and comfort of outdoor campfires

  • Clever and stylish design

      Mix 850 Fire Bowl

      Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit

      The Mix 850 Ethanol Fire Bowl is an excellent hybrid of modern and traditional pottery. It provides remarkable comfort and warmth as an indoor centerpiece.

      • Creates a large, aesthetically pleasing flames

      • Lightweight indoor fire pit

      • The company used fluid concrete technology to create this product

      • Black Glass Charcoal used for decorating this fire pit

      • Environmentally friendly option

      • Simple installation

      • Up to eleven hours of burning time

          Pod 30 Ethanol Fire Table

          Pod30 Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit

          If you are looking for a modern styled indoor firepit, the Pod 30 Ethanol fire table would be an excellent choice. It is quite a versatile fireplace option because of its lightweight, hi-tech material, and easy portability.

          • Available in two sizes

          • Comes with handy fixing brackets

          • The Pod 30 Ethanol Fire table offers excellent fuel flexibility

          • Creates a low and smokeless odor flame

          • Will not require flue or chimney for ventilation

          • Safe for indoor use

              Mini-T Ethanol Fire Pit

              Mini T Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit

              Create ambiance and warmth in your lounge or dining area with Eco Smart Fire’s Mini-T Ethanol Fire Pit. The company paid particular attention to this product's design, ensuring that it adds visual appeal to wherever you place it.

              • The indoor fire pit uses clean-burning bioethanol fuel

              • Robust stainless steel construction

              • It has a sturdy glass surrounding to enhance your indoor's aesthetic appeal

              • Inspired by the Roman Empire's symbols for wealth

              • Up to eleven hours of burning time

                  Ark 40 Ethanol Fire Table

                  Ark 40 Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit

                  Eco Smart Fire’s Ark 40 Ethanol Fire Table is perfect for fulfilling your indoor fire pit needs. You can place your drinks on it while sitting nearby to experience the same warmth that you would outdoors. The company used weatherproof concrete to make this product. Therefore, you can also place this indoor fire pit outside your house. What's more, you can use natural gas, propane, and bioethanol to light up this fire pit.

                  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

                  • Made from concrete composite and stainless steel

                  • Excellent burn time (between seven to eleven hours)

                  • A capacity of eight liters

                  • Environmentally friendly indoor fire pit

                  • Weather-resistant design

                  • Eco Smart Fire used Fluid Concrete Technology to create this fireplace

                  Ghost Indoor Fire PitIndoor Fire Pit
                  Ghost Ethanol Designer Fireplace


                  Now that you the advantages of indoor fire pits, it's time to get one for your house. You will find plenty of options in the market, but if you don't want to spend time researching tons and tons of products, choose any of the indoor fireplaces mentioned in this article, and you will be good to go.

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