Top 5 Outdoor Fireplaces 2021

When it comes to designing your home or landscaping, several homeowners are beginning to opt for an outdoor fireplace. It is becoming more and more popular because of its various benefits. You can transform your backyard into a haven by installing an outdoor fireplace. It doesn't matter if you choose a glass fire pit or a wood-burning fireplace. Either of them will look excellent.

They are highly functional and also improve the visual appeal of any area where you install them. Let’s take a brief look at some advantages of owning an outdoor fireplace:

  • You can create a plethora of designs with these fireplaces. It could be a brick furnace, fire pit, or a DIY creation made by yourself.

  • Quite a lot of people build their fireplaces without any assistance. However, if you are a starter, it would be best to acquire a professional’s help. It will improve your house’s overall appearance significantly.

  • Learning how to create a mantelpiece is not that tricky. You can follow tons of guides online to understand the fundamentals. All you need to do is follow some necessary steps, and you will be good to go.

  • Outdoor fire pits are excellent for entertaining guests and keeping them warm, especially if you are hosting an event during winters.

With that said, most of us do not have the time to make fireplaces. We would rather have something ready-made that not only has an excellent aesthetic appeal but is also durable. Are you new to outdoor fireplaces and wondering if their hype is real? Well, there is no need to worry as we will discuss everything that makes them worth having. Furthermore, we will also discuss some of the best outdoor fireplaces money can buy in 2020 to make sure that you do not spend hours and hours searching for an ideal option for your yard or lawn.

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Outdoor FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace
Martini 50 Ethanol Fire Table

Why Outdoor Fireplaces are Worth the Investment

You must be wondering whether or not investing in an outdoor fire pit would be a sensible idea. Here are some convincing reasons that prove they are worth it.

An Outdoor Fireplace Provides You Warmth

Fireplaces are an excellent investment for people who like to spend a decent chunk of their time outdoors. These items are particularly handy during the winters. Instead of collecting massive pieces of wood and setting fire to them, you can opt for a high-quality outdoor fireplace and eliminate the hassle. It is a safe option to provide you warmth outside.

It Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Few things are as good as an outdoor fireplace when it comes to adding aesthetic appeals outdoors. There are tons of designs available in the market, and you will most likely find one that matches your front yard's look. You can also customize some fire pits to according to your house’s design. You can also add a pool, Jacuzzi, and a barbeque station near your fireplace. It will improve your house’s appearance by tenfold, making it worthy of a lavish catalogue.

It Could Increase Your Home’s Value

A thoughtfully designed house that looks visually pleasing will have more value in comparison to homes that do not look as appealing. You can significantly increase your place’s worth by adding an outdoor fireplace. Most buyers these days are aware of its benefits and would look favourably upon any property with a well-maintained fire pit.

It Creates Ambiance

Want to create great ambiance, get an outdoor fireplace. You can utilize it to create an area for relaxing and unwinding. Some individuals even use it to make a romantic setting with their significant others. Lone wolves have plenty of options too. If you are one, a fire pit could be a comfy place to spend some quality time listening to music, reading books, and drinking a glass of wine.

Say Goodbye to Bugs

The last thing you want when spending time outside is having bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests troubling you. Installing a high-quality fireplace could eliminate the problem as fire repels insects in an instant. Therefore, you can spend your summer and winter nights without worrying about swatting flies and mosquitoes every minute.

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Outdoor FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace
Martini Ethanol Fire Table

Why Ethanol is a Superior Fuel Source for Outdoor Fireplaces

Ethanol heaters and fire pits are becoming quite popular. They provide plenty of advantages compared to conventional heating options like gas fire pits and woods. Here are some points that prove why Ethanol is an excellent source of fuel for outdoor fireplaces:

  • By adding ethanol fuel in your outdoor fireplace, you can rest easy knowing that the fire pit will produce a safe, clean, low- odour and vibrant orange flame.

  • It lasts long and causes little to no inconvenience.

  • As people are becoming aware of the negative environmental impact made by other fuel sources, they are using ethanol as the fuel source to light up their outdoor fire pits.

  • People are ditching traditional fuel options and replacing them with ethanol as several cities, particularly Montreal, plans to ban gas fire pits and wood-burning stoves in 2020.

  • Countries are slowly implementing measures to make heating more sustainable and greener. When it comes to selecting clean options, gas and ethanol stand out ahead of the rest. However, when you compare the two, you will quickly realize that ethanol is heads and shoulders safer and more efficient.

  • Ethanol fire pits provide several practical advantages and versatility over gas fireplaces. Most people choose outdoor ethanol fireplaces because they are eco-friendly, easily portable, affordable, and easy to install.

Five of the Best Outdoor Fireplaces

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      1. Mix 850 Ethanol Fire Bowl

    Mix 850

    If you are looking for a pit that combines classic luxury with an outdoor fire pit's simplicity, try this product by Eco Smart Fire. The Mix 850 is an excellent fire bowl specially designed for get-togethers. The creators used weather-resistant concrete to make this product to ensure that it can withstand harshoutdoor environments. Its elegant design, along with its mesmerizing flame, provides generous warmth and creates spellbinding ambiance in outdoor spaces. You can place the Mix 850 Ethanol fire bowl on your patio, deck, or any other area. It will significantly improve the place’s atmosphere, providing a unique design feature.

      1. Ghost Ethanol Designer Fireplace

    Ghost FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace

    Creators made the Ghost Fireplace out of steel and robust glass. It is a significant reason why this outdoor fireplace is an excellent option for anybody looking for a slip fire pit that fits well in commercial as well as residential spaces. While this product's glass body and crisp lines give it a modern touch, you can install it with various design schemes without worrying about colour or fashion.

    The Ghost Ethanol Designer Fireplace has an ethanol burner with a capacity of almost 2.5 litres. Its burn time is around eight hours. Smaller units of this model are capable of warming 20 square meter rooms with ease. You will also get a glass windscreen upon purchasing this outdoor fireplace.



    1. Base 40 Ethanol Fire Table

    Outdoor FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace

    The Base Ethanol Fire Table uses in AB8 burner and has a burning time of more than twelve hours. It is excellent for illuminating outdoor parties and enriching the ambiance of medium-sized rooms. The absence of gas connections and restrictive cables in this option means that you can easily take this product and install it wherever you want.

    What’s more, it has several convenient in-built and paving outdoor elements along with a fire feature to make your time outdoors more enjoyable.



      1. Igloo Ethanol Designer Fireplace

    Outdoor FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace

    If you are looking for a classy designer fireplace made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and glass, look no further than this model. The Igloo Ethanol fire pit is a modern and sleek update to traditional fireplaces. Its transparent frame lets this product blend with a variety of décor styles while also improving the visual appeal of the area where you install it.

    The thing that's most impressive about this designer fireplace is that you can use it for residential applications and a plethora of commercial ones too. Offices, bars, restaurants, and lobbies, in particular, will benefit from this product.



      1. Cosmo Ethanol Fire Table

    Cosmo FireplaceOutdoor Fireplace

    The Cosmo Ethanol Fire Table by Eco Smart is an excellent example that demonstrates how the lines between furniture and technology are blurring. You can credit this product’s seamless integration and functional design for its slick and modern appearance.

    If you are looking for an ethanol fire table with a minimalistic yet futuristic look, this product will impress you more than any other model in the market. The experts at Eco Smart implemented minimalistic designing principals to achieve this product’s look.

    Cosmo blends the functional features of low lounge tables and an environmentally friendly fireplace that burns clean fuel. Compared to several other fire pits, this one is ideal for interiors and modular configurations where there is plenty of space. The most impressive thing about this product is that you can enjoy an open fire’s warmth without worrying about soot, ash, and embers, wrecking the ambiance.

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    As with every house renovation project, it is critical to have an idea of the outdoor fireplace that you plan to buy. You have to consider several things before building a fire pit outside your home. Let’s discuss two of the most vital things to consider making sure that you choose the right product.

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    How Will the Fire Pit Accent Your House’ Style?

    Homeowners must keep the design of their home and outdoor space in mind before getting a fireplace. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Should I choose a product that contrast's the design, or should it match it?

    • Is your exterior and interior style modern or classic?

    Since there is an array of designs available in the market, you will come across a style that will impress you. If you are looking for a versatile and contemporary option, go for Stacked Stone. You can also choose the widely popular Stucco or a traditional front brick style.

    What Size Should I Choose?

    Outdoor fireplaces are available in various sizes. If you want to make sure you choose the correct size, keep the following considerations in mind:

    Look at your house's exterior, and see whether or not the product you plan to buy will fit.

    • You must determine your purpose of getting a fire pit. Do you want it to be your yard's focal point?

    • Do you want to use it to accent your front or backyard’s surroundings?

    • Take some time to consider why you are purchasing the product as rushing it could cause you to choose the wrong fireplace.

    Stix Ethanol Fire PitStix Fireplace
    Stix Ethanol Fire Pit


    A house is complete once you add some aesthetically appealing design elements in it. They help showcase your personality and could improve your home’s value significantly. Outdoor fireplaces are an ideal addition to any place.

    You can have it in your backyard, front yard, or even your lawn. Wherever you decide you keep the fire pit, your time spent around it will be highly enjoyable. You can snuggle up, chill out, or stare at the stars. It will most likely become your favorite place within hours after setting it outside.

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