Zoe 3 Piece Iron Outdoor Round Garden Table Set


Elevate Your Oasis: Zoe 3-Piece Iron Outdoor Table Set.

Indulge in the classic allure of the Zoe Bistro 3 3-piece setting. Crafted from durable wrought iron, it beautifully blends stability with delicate design. Its charming white hue and intricate spirals create an inviting space for sipping tea or relishing a summer drink. Transform your outdoor area into a haven of elegance and relaxation with this timeless ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Classic Design - Timeless appeal for enduring style.
  • Wrought Iron Construction - Delicate aesthetics paired with extra stability.
  • Charming White Colour - Inviting and visually pleasing.
  • Slender Spirals on Backing - Artistic details for an elegant touch.
  • 3 Piece Setting - Perfectly curated ensemble for outdoor enjoyment.

Classic Design

The Zoe Bistro Set stands as a testament to timeless appeal. Its classic design ensures that your outdoor space is adorned with enduring style, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and charm.

Wrought Iron Construction

Delicate aesthetics meet unwavering stability. Crafted from wrought iron, the Zoe Set balances visual elegance and robust durability. Enjoy the soft appearance without compromising on sturdiness.

Charming White Colour

Transform your outdoor space with the inviting charm of the Zoe Set's charming white colour. This visually pleasing hue adds a touch of sophistication, creating a serene environment for relaxation and socializing.

Slender Spirals on Backing

It's all in the details. The Zoe Set doesn't just offer seating; it presents a work of art. The slender spirals on the backing contribute to the set's overall elegance, providing an artistic touch that enhances its visual appeal.

3 Piece Setting

Experience the joy of a perfectly curated ensemble with the Zoe 3 Piece Setting. Each element complements the others seamlessly, creating an inviting space to unwind and enjoy outdoor moments in style.


Materials:  Wrought Iron
Colour / Finish: White
Weight: 22 Kg
Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 73 cm
High Chair: D 45.5 x W 43.5 x H 93 cm
Seat Dia.: 40 cm
Seat Height: 45 cm
Packed in 2 Cartons: Table: 72 x 12 x 63 cm
2 Chairs: 107 x 19 x 43 cm

What's In The Box?

1x Zoe 3 Piece Iron Outdoor Round Garden Table Set