Yorktown 65cm Rattan Bar Stool

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Elevate Your Seating Experience with the Yorktown 65cm Rattan Bar Stool

Elevate your seating experience with the Yorktown 65cm Rattan Bar Stool, where style meets comfort effortlessly. This exceptional bar stool offers a unique blend of features that not only enhance your comfort but also elevate the aesthetics of your space. The seat and backrest upholstered in breathable natural rattan ensure superior comfort, allowing you to sit back and enjoy moments of relaxation for hours on end.

The metal frame and detailing, with a powder black finish, provide a sturdy foundation and a touch of elegance to your decor. The wooden powder black build of the seat and backrest adds a natural element, seamlessly integrating with various design styles. The oval seat design sits plush against the tall chair base, creating an inviting seating experience that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

With an elongated height for an exaggerated suspension and a 180-degree footrest for added seating comfort, this bar stool is designed for ultimate relaxation. What's more, it comes fully assembled, saving you time and effort in setting up your perfect seating solution.

Key Features

  • Superior Comfort - Breathable rattan upholstery ensures extended comfort.
  • Elegant Durability - Powder black metal frame adds durability and elegance.
  • Seamless Integration - Wooden powder black build seamlessly suits various styles.
  • Inviting Comfort - Oval seat design invites relaxation in style.
  • Visual Impact - Elongated height enhances visual appeal.
  • Ultimate Relaxation - 180-degree footrest offers perfect relaxation.
  • Effortless Enjoyment -  No assembly required for immediate enjoyment.

Exceptional Comfort

The Yorktown Rattan Bar Stool offers superior comfort with its breathable natural rattan upholstery. You can sit back and unwind for hours, enjoying a seating experience that's as comfortable as it is stylish

Sturdy Elegance

Crafted with a metal frame and powder black finish, this stool not only exudes elegance but also promises durability. It's a timeless addition that remains a part of your decor for years to come

Versatile Integration

The wooden powder black seat and backrest seamlessly blend with various design styles, offering a versatile addition to your decor that effortlessly adapts to your tastes

Inviting Design

The oval seat design not only adds comfort but also creates an inviting visual aesthetic. It's a plush seating experience that welcomes you to relax in style

Visual Impact

With its elongated height, this bar stool adds visual intrigue and heightens the overall aesthetics of your space, becoming a statement piece in your decor

Ultimate Relaxation

The 180-degree footrest enhances your seating comfort, providing the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings

Effortless Enjoyment

With no assembly required, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of this exceptional bar stool without any hassle.


Materials:  Metal, Tattan
Colour / Finish:  Black
Weight: Approximately 27kg
Dimensions: W 52.5 x D 42 x H 95.6 cm
Seat Height:
65 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Yorktown 65cm Rattan Bar Stool