150cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl


Elevate Your Evenings with the Enchanting Glow of Our 150cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl.

Introducing our extraordinary 150cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl, a true marvel of durability and size that will redefine your outdoor experiences. Crafted with unwavering attention to quality. Ensuring it's not just a purchase but a long-lasting investment in your outdoor space.

Designed with grandeur, this fire pit has a separate trivet base, forming a sturdy foundation for the majestic bowl to rest upon. This impressive size isn't just for show; it's tailored for those who crave the ambience of roaring bonfires and the camaraderie of large gatherings.

Key Features

  • Grand Presence - Endless Gathering Possibilities
  • Exceptional Durability - Ensures Longevity
  • Perfect Elevation - Cozy Ambiance for All
  • Separate Trivet Base - Added Safety Assurance
  • Versatile Use: Boundless Utility - Tailored for Diverse Settings

Experience the Wow Factor

The 150cm Firepit Bowl is all about leaving a lasting impression. Its expansive dimensions and sturdy build promise an immersive outdoor experience. Constructed with a robust 10mm thick cast iron bowl weighing 120kg, it guarantees enduring durability and superior heat retention.

Unlock Your Inner Designer

This remarkable Firepit Bowl is more than just a firepit; it's a canvas for creativity. Transform it into a breathtaking planter and breathe life into your outdoor area with vibrant flowers, lush greenery, or cascading vines. The bowl's versatility empowers you to personalize your space, reflecting your unique style.

Thoughtful Design Elevation

The Firepit Bowl isn't just a sight to behold; it's designed for functionality, too. Perched gracefully atop a sturdy trivet base, it delivers both stability and height. At 43cm tall, it ensures an optimal view of the fire, creating an enchanting ambience. Gather around with loved ones, forging cherished memories in the flickering glow or lose yourself in the mesmerizing dance of flames.

Built to Last

Crafted from premium cast iron, this Firepit Bowl is engineered for longevity and resilience. Its substantial weight guarantees unwavering stability, while the rust colour develops an attractive patina over time, enhancing its visual allure. Rest easy knowing you've invested in a product renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched durability.


Materials: Cast Iron
Colour / Finish: Rust
Weight:120 KG
Dimensions:D 150 cm x H 43 cm
Bowl Depth: 37 cm
Thickness: 10 mm

What's In The Box?

1x 150cm Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl
1x Drainage Hole