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Stitch 125 Concrete Planter

Colour: Natural
Rope Colour: Black


Individually, they exude stunning beauty, but their presence becomes sensational when brought together as a set.

The Stitch 125 from Blinde Design stands as the grandest planter pot within the Planter Collection, offering an elegant residence for either a solitary plant or an array of small plants and herbs suited for residential and commercial spaces.

Elevate your interior with these fashionable plant pots in various sizes and colours. These pots boast a tasteful stitched embellishment along the seam in your selected colour. Their aesthetic impact is remarkable, whether individually or as a cohesive set.

Key Features

  • Striking design - Eye-catching aesthetics
  • All-weather use - Year-round versatility
  • Make an impact - Create a lasting impression
  • Most oversized format - Spacious design
  • Eco-friendly - Environmentally responsible

Distinguished Design

With its unique construction, the Stitch 25 planter pot combines two gracefully curved sides seamlessly 'stitched' together, accentuated by contrasting rope detailing in your choice of six vibrant colours. It's a distinctive design feature that sets it apart.

All-Season Durability

Crafted from weather-resistant Fluid™ Concrete, the Blinde Design Stitch 25 plant pots are built to withstand the elements, ensuring they maintain their beauty year after year, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Create an Impression

Whether as a standalone planter or grouped with others, the Stitch 125 leaves an awe-inspiring impression. This impact is amplified when multiple Stitch planters, whether the same size or a mix of sizes are used together.

Spacious Elegance

Designed to thrive in larger spaces, the Stitch 125 is a perfect fit for residential and commercial environments.

Environmentally Conscious

Utilizing Fluid™ Concrete, which combines eco-friendly cement and 95% recycled natural materials that actively absorb CO² during the curing process, these planters are not only 100% recyclable but also release minimal greenhouse gas emissions. It's a sustainable choice for your green spaces.



Model Dimension
L 1219mm
W 1048mm
H 750mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite


Model Specifications Sheet 

Assembly Instructions

What's In The Box?

1x Stitch 125 Designer Pot Plant