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Stitch 100 Concrete Planter

Colour: Natural
Rope Colour: Black


Individually, they appear breathtaking, but their allure becomes extraordinary when grouped.

Elevate your interior with these chic plant pots in various sizes and colours to suit your preferences. These pots showcase an elegant stitched detail along the seam in your selected colour. While each stands as a striking individual piece, it creates a sensational display.

Key Features

  • Larger format - Spacious design
  • Organic shape - Artistic form
  • UV resistant - Sunproof endurance
  • Colour selection - Versatile palette
  • Lightweight - Easy mobility

Spacious Design

The ample proportions of the STITCH 100 offer an excellent solution for larger plants and spaces, be it in residential or commercial environments.

Artistic Form

The STITCH 100's contoured curves make a captivating design statement, whether gracing your outdoor oasis or indoor rooms.

Sunproof Endurance

Crafted from UV-resistant concrete, the STITCH 100 maintains its vibrant colours over time, standing up to the sun's relentless rays.

Versatile Palette

Choose from three natural hues and six stitching colour options, allowing you to tailor your pot's final appearance to your liking.

Effortless Mobility

Each planter pot is meticulously fashioned from robust and lightweight Fluid™ Concrete Technology, ensuring enduring quality with a smooth, light finish.



Model Dimension
L 1115mm
W 962mm
H 687mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite


Model Specifications Sheet 

Assembly Instructions

What's In The Box?

1x Stitch 100 Designer Pot Plant