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Sheffield 140cm Console Table - Black

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Elevate Your Space with the Sheffield 140cm Console Table in Sleek Black. 

Upgrade your home with the Sheffield 140cm Console Table in a captivating black finish. Crafted from elm wood, this console table exudes elegance with its rich powder-black coating. The slim yet sturdy iron frame in a matte black palette provides durability and adds a touch of modern sophistication. Two rattan drawers adorned with brushed brass handles offer style and functionality, making organization a breeze.

Its compact and generous form provides ample space to store and organize your essentials. The all-black finish creates a cohesive, monochrome look that complements any decor style. With its minimalist form, clean lines, and thoughtful detailing, this console table effortlessly elevates your space. Best of all, it comes fully assembled, ready to enhance your home decor immediately.

Key Features

  • Elm wood construction with a rich powder black finish - Combines timeless beauty with durability, ensuring long-lasting elegance.
  • Sturdy and slim iron frame in a matte black palette - Provides strength and modern aesthetics, elevating your interior decor.
  • 2x rattan drawers with brushed brass handles - Offers a blend of style and functionality for easy and elegant organization.
  • Compact and generous form offering ample space to store and organize - Helps keep your space clutter-free while adding a touch of sophistication.
  • All-black finish for a monochrome and cohesive look - Effortlessly complements any decor style, creating a harmonious atmosphere.
  • The minimalist form is made up of clean lines and well-thought-out detailing. It enhances the visual appeal of your space with its sleek and modern design.
  • The product comes fully assembled. Enjoy the convenience of immediate use and transform your living space.

Timeless Elegance in Black

Crafted from elm wood with a rich powder black finish, the Sheffield Console Table exudes timeless beauty while ensuring it withstands the test of time. It's a piece that adds sophistication to your space.

Slim Yet Sturdy Modern Aesthetics

The slim iron frame in a matte black palette provides durability and blends seamlessly with modern decor styles, offering both form and function.

Elegant and Functional Storage

With two rattan drawers featuring brushed brass handles, this console table offers stylish and practical storage solutions, elevating the organization of your essentials.

Space Optimization with Style

Its compact yet generous form offers ample space to store and organize, keeping your living area tidy while making a chic statement.

Effortless Cohesion

The all-black finish creates a monochrome and cohesive look, effortlessly complementing any decor style, whether it's contemporary or traditional.

Sleek and Thoughtful Design

The minimalist form with clean lines and well-thought-out detailing adds a touch of modern elegance to your space, making it visually appealing.

Ready for Instant Transformation

Our Sheffield Console Table comes fully assembled, saving you the hassle of setup and allowing you to enjoy its transformative effect on your home immediately.


Materials: Elm Wood
Colour / Finish: Full Black
Weight: 30kg
Dimensions: L 140 x W 40 x H 85 cm
Base: L 139.2 x W 34 x H 67 cm 
Console: L 140 x W 40 x H 18 cm
Leg Thickness: 20 mm

What's Included?

1x Sheffield 140cm Console Table - Black