Sally 90cm Metal Frame Round Wall Mirror


Elevate Your Garden Charm: Sally 90cm Round Metal Wall Mirror

Transform your garden into a haven of elegance with the Sally Round Metal Garden Mirror. Its simple and stylish design doesn't just reflect light; it demonstrates your commitment to creating a space that seamlessly blends beauty with nature. This mirror brings a touch of sophistication, making your garden a place where tranquillity meets style.

Key Features:

  • Simple and Stylish Design - Effortlessly enhances garden aesthetics.
  • Unique Imperfections and Markings - Adds character and individuality.
  • Easy Maintenance - Simple care routine for long-lasting beauty.

Simple and Stylish Design

The Sally Round Metal Wall Mirror boasts a design that is both simple and stylish, effortlessly becoming a focal point in any garden setting. Its unassuming elegance complements the natural beauty of your outdoor space, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

Unique Imperfections and Markings

Embrace the beauty of individuality. Each Sally Mirror comes with unique imperfections and markings, a testament to the materials' authenticity. These quirks add character, making every mirror a distinct piece in your garden.

Easy Maintenance

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Sally Mirror is designed for easy maintenance. Dust it with a soft, dry cloth, wipe spills promptly, and wash with a mild dish soap and water solution for enduring beauty. Effortless care for a garden feature that stands the test of time.


Materials: Mirror Glass, Metal
Colour / Finish: Sand
Weight: 15 Kg
Dimensions:D 90 cm
4 mm Thick
95 x 96 x 9 cm  

What's In The Box?

1x Sally 90cm Metal Frame Round Wall Mirror