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Rockwell Bar Cart - Mirror and Base

Style: Golden

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Mirror Magic: The Rockwell Bar Cart - Where Elegance Meets Entertainment

The Rockwell Bar Cart - Mirror and Base solves a common problem for consumers - the need for functional yet stylish storage in their homes. Many need help with cluttered spaces and a need for more organization, but this elegant bar cart swoops in to save the day.

Its octagon-shaped mirror shelves, paired with a gleaming golden base, serve as a practical storage solution and elevate the aesthetics of any room it graces. The mirror shelves not only create an illusion of space, making rooms appear larger and brighter, but they also reflect the beauty of the items on display, adding a touch of glamour to the home.

The combination of stainless steel and glass in the Rockwell Bar Cart ensures durability and brings a sense of modern sophistication to the living space. Two storage tiers provide ample room for all your beverage essentials and more. The four caster-wheeled legs allow for easy mobility, making it a versatile piece that seamlessly transitions from the living room to the patio for entertaining guests.

Key Features

  • Reflective allure - A touch of luxury
  • Unique design - Maximizes space
  • Lasting elegance - Contemporary durability
  • Organizational freedom - Clutter control
  • Effortless mobility - Adaptable positioning
  • Immediate enjoyment - Time-saving convenience

Elegant Aesthetic

Transform your space with mirror shelves featuring a luxurious golden base. These shelves provide storage and elevate your decor with their elegant design.

Unique and Space-Efficient

The octagon shape of these shelves offers a distinct and stylish look while maximizing storage space. They're perfect for fitting into corners or creating a focal point in any room.

Durability and Contemporary Style

Crafted from durable stainless steel and sleek glass, these shelves blend durability with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring they stand the test of time while enhancing your modern decor.

Ample Storage Space

With two storage tiers, you'll have plenty of room to organize and display your items. Keep your belongings neat and accessible, reducing clutter in your living or workspace.

Mobility and Flexibility

The four caster wheeled legs provide easy mobility, allowing you to move and position the shelves effortlessly wherever needed. This feature makes redecorating or cleaning a breeze.

Hassle-Free Setup

Save time and effort with our fully assembled product. Enjoy the convenience of using your new shelves right out of the box without the need for complicated assembly instructions or tools.


Materials:  Clear Glass, Stainless Steel
Colour / Finish:  Golden, Black
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: L 90 x W 45 x H 90 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Rockwell Bar Cart - Mirror and Base