Relax S37 Modular Sofa

Color: Canvas


Blinde Design's Relax S37 modular sofa encapsulates an enduring aesthetic, resilient craftsmanship, unparalleled cosiness, and remarkable adaptability, establishing the very essence of our product.

Key Features

  • Easy configuration - effortless setup
  • Superior comfort - sit and enjoy for hours
  • Weather-resistant - for year-round durability
  • Natural colours - blends seamlessly
  • Design freedom - tailored for your taste
  • Sturdy construction - reliable longevity
  • Finishing touch - elegance in detail

Effortless Arrangement

Crafted for ease, our Relax S37 modular sofa boasts three distinctive modules: the versatile Corner (adaptable for both left and right), a single unit, and an ottoman. This dynamic trio empowers you to fashion an array of configurations for your modular lounge. Connect the modules with a click to ensure a secure fit.

Supreme Coziness

The comforting quick-dry foam shells, enveloped in plush Sunbrella® fabric, define the luxurious comfort of this sofa.

All-Weather Endurance

Wrapped in Sunbrella® fabric, each module stands resilient against the elements, promising enduring quality.

Nature-Inspired Tones

Available in three understated, earthy shades – Flanelle, Sooty, and Canvas – complemented by optional cushions that harmonize with your aesthetic.

Unrestricted Design

You can craft various sofa designs with eight configuration packages – from intimate setups for two sofas with chaise lounges to expansive modular compositions.

Robust Build

The Blinde Design Relax modular sofas feature a sturdy coated aluminium and steel frame, ensuring durability.

Final Flourish

Elevate the allure of your modular sofa by adding optional cushions, offered in three colours and two sizes. Fashioned from comfortable, quick-dry, breathable foam and upholstered in weather-resistant Sunbrella® fabric, these cushions are perfect for outdoor use.


Model Dimensions:
L 950mm
W 950mm
H 650mm

    Indoor & Outdoor

      Coated aluminium frame, Quick dry foam, Sunbrella® Fabric

      Model Colours:

        What's In The Box?

        1x Relax S37 Modular Sofa