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Phyllis 45cm Barstool - Natural Grain

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Elevate Your Space with Phyllis 45cm Barstool - Embrace the Warmth of Natural Grain Elegance!

Are you tired of sacrificing style for functionality in your home? The Phyllis 45cm Barstool's stunning Natural Grain finish is here to solve your problem. Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and durability can be challenging, but this Barstool offers the best of both worlds with its solid wood construction. Crafted to withstand the rigours of everyday use, its sturdy frame and legs guarantee longevity, so you can finally bid farewell to flimsy, wobbly seating.

What truly sets the Phyllis barstool apart is its complete natural finish that showcases the deep wood grains and intricate patterns, evoking a sense of timeless elegance in your living space. The stable ash wood seat, moulded and contoured for maximum comfort, invites you to linger over meals and conversations, making it not just a piece of furniture but a cherished part of your home. Its flared and tapered legs create a clean geometric silhouette, adding a touch of modern sophistication to any room.

Key Features

  • Solid Wood Craftsmanship - Timeless Strength
  • Deep Wood Grain Finish - Nature's Beauty Unveiled
  • Moulded Ash Wood Seat - Ultimate Stability, Comfort
  • Clean Geometric Silhouette - Modern Elegance
  • Space-Saving Design - Effortless Placement
  • Built-in Foot Protectors - Enhanced Safety, Preservation

Timeless Durability, Built to Last

Invest with confidence, as this solid wood craftsmanship ensures your Barstool withstands the test of time, offering you a reliable and long-lasting seating solution. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to enduring quality.

Nature's Beauty, Unveiled in Every Detail

Experience the tranquillity of nature within your living space. The deep wood grain finish adds visual allure and connects you to the natural world, bringing a sense of calm and serenity to your home.

Exceptional Support, Seated in Luxury

Enjoy the ultimate seating comfort with the moulded ash wood seat. Its ergonomic design cradles your body, providing exceptional support to sit for hours in pure relaxation and luxury.

Modern Elegance, Defined by Graceful Lines

Elevate your interior decor with the clean geometric silhouette and flared, tapered legs. Modern design elements bring an air of sophistication to your space, making it a visual delight for you and your guests.

Safety First, Your Investment Protected

Your peace of mind is paramount. With built-in foot protectors, you can be confident that your floors and the Barstool are safeguarded from potential damage and slipping hazards, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Effortless Fit, Anywhere You Desire

Enjoy the flexibility of easy storage and placement due to the compact size of this Barstool. Whether in your kitchen, dining room or even a cosy corner, you can create the perfect seating arrangement wherever you please, effortlessly tailoring your space to your preferences.


Materials: Solid Wood
Colour / Finish: Natural
Weight: 13 kg
Dimensions: W 38.5 x D 38 x H 46.5 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Phyllis 45cm Barstool - Natural Grain