Niles & Frasier Cranes Cast Aluminium (Set of 2)


Elevate Your Garden Elegance: Niles Frasier Cranes – A Duo of Timeless Beauty!

Transform your garden into a sanctuary of beauty with the Niles Frasier Pair of Garden Ornamental Cranes. Crafted in cast aluminium, these majestic cranes boast intricate detailing in their feathers, eyes, and beaks.

With sturdy web feet offering support and elegance, these ornamental pieces enhance your outdoor space and provide a sense of timeless beauty, grace, and tranquillity.

Key Features:

  • Cast Aluminium Construction - Ensures durability and intricate detailing
  • Beautiful Feather, Eye, and Beak Detailing - Adds elegance and realism
  • Sturdy Web Feet - Provides stability and support
  • Unique Imperfections - Each piece tells its own story

Cast Aluminium Construction

The Niles Frasier Cranes are crafted with precision in cast aluminium, guaranteeing durability and longevity. This construction ensures their resilience against the elements and allows for intricate detailing in the feathers, eyes, and beaks, adding a touch of sophistication to your garden.

Beautiful Feather, Eye, and Beak Detailing

Bring an air of elegance and realism to your outdoor haven with the beautiful detailing in the feathers, eyes, and beaks of the Niles Frasier Cranes. Each intricacy contributes to the overall charm, making these ornamental pieces not just decorations but statements of artistry and grace.

Sturdy Web Feet

The cranes feature sturdy web feet, not just elegant but also practical. These webbed appendages provide stability and support, ensuring the cranes stand tall in your garden and add a layer of visual interest, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal.

Unique Imperfections

Appreciate the uniqueness of each Niles Frasier Crane with its imperfections and markings. These distinctive features, a result of the nature of the material used, make each crane a one-of-a-kind piece, contributing to the character and individuality of your garden.


Materials: Aluminium
Colour / Finish: Antique Bronze
Dimensions:W 25 x D 38 x H 112 cm
W 25 x D 38 x H 100 cm

What's In The Box?

2x Niles Frasier Cranes Cast Aluminium (Set of 2)