Milton - 65cm Bar Stool

Style: Full Black

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Elevate Your Home's Comfort and Style with the Milton 65cm Bar Stool – Where Comfort Meets Elegance!

Are you tired of uncomfortable seating while trying to enjoy a meal or a drink at your bar or kitchen counter? The Milton 65cm Bar Stool is the solution you've been searching for! Say goodbye to those aching backs and stiff postures.

Our bar stool is designed to address this common problem by offering an ergonomically moulded and contoured seat in durable polypropylene construction. You'll feel the difference immediately as you sink into the comfortably shaped chair, providing your back with much-needed support and allowing you to relax and truly enjoy your moments at the bar.

Beyond its incredible comfort, the Milton Bar Stool boasts a sleek and stylish design. Its black steel frame and legs provide robust stability and add a touch of modern elegance to your space.

The thoughtful addition of a footrest ensures support from all angles, reducing fatigue and enhancing your overall sitting experience. Are you worried about scratches on your floors? We've got you covered – the black plastic seat has plastic floor protectors to keep your feet pristine.

Key Features

  • Moulded and contoured seat in polypropylene construction - Enhanced Ergonomics for unparalleled comfort.
  • Black steel frame and legs - Unyielding Strength for long-lasting reliability.
  • Additional footrest to provide support from all angles - Complete Postural Support for a relaxed experience.
  • Black plastic seat - Effortless Maintenance with easy-to-clean surfaces.
  • Plastic floor protectors provided - Floor-Saving Assurance for scratch-free surfaces.
  • Minor assembly required - Swift Setup for instant enjoyment.

Experience Superior Comfort

Enjoy hours of relaxation on the ergonomically designed, moulded, and contoured polypropylene seat. Its thoughtful construction provides exceptional comfort, reducing discomfort even during extended sitting.

Robust Durability

Our bar stool is built to last. The black steel frame and legs add a touch of sophistication to your space and ensure long-lasting stability, making it a worthwhile investment for your home.

Total Support and Relaxation

With the added footrest, you'll have comprehensive support from all angles, reducing strain on your legs and promoting better posture.

Easy Maintenance

The durable black plastic seat is stylish and easy to clean, ensuring your stool remains pristine for years.

Protect Your Floors

Are you worried about scratches and scuffs on your flooring? Our bar stool comes with plastic floor protectors, keeping your floors looking flawless while you enjoy your space.

Effortless Setup

Minor assembly is all needed to transform your space with our bar stool. It's a hassle-free way to elevate your comfort and style instantly.


Materials: Steel Frame, Plastic seat
Colour / Finish: White, Full Black
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: W 43 x D 35.5 x H 74 cm
Seat Height: 65 cm
Weight Limit: 90 kg
Base Width: 47 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Milton - 65cm Bar Stool