Ivyhall 300cm Elm Dining Table - Natural

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Unveil Timeless Elegance with the Ivyhall 300cm Elm Dining Table - Nature's Charm for Unforgettable Gatherings.

Transform your dining space into a haven of timeless elegance with the Ivyhall 300cm Elm Dining Table. Crafted from solid elm wood, this table offers durability and embraces the natural imperfections and markings that make each piece unique.

The solid elm supports and plywood veneer legs provide robust stability, ensuring a gathering place that withstands the test of time. With a spacious rectangle tabletop comfortably seating 8-10 people, this dining table becomes a canvas for shared moments and unforgettable gatherings, where every rounded edge adds a touch of warmth to your space.

Key Features

  • Solid Elm wood with veneer table top - Durable elegance with natural charm
  • Solid elm supports underneath the top - Robust stability for lasting durability
  • Plywood veneer legs - Strong and reliable support
  • Rectangle table top with rounded edges - Spacious design with a touch of warmth
  • 2x block legs with floor protector - Surface-friendly and stable
  • Comfortably seats 8-10 people - Inviting gatherings with ample space
  • Weight Capacity of 150 kgs - Sturdy support for various occasions
  • The product is flat packed and requires two-person assembly - Convenient setup with a partner

Durable Elegance with Natural Charm

Crafted from solid Elm wood with a veneer tabletop, the Ivyhall Dining Table exudes durable elegance with natural charm. Embrace the beauty of imperfections, as each piece carries its unique markings, creating a dining experience that is as distinctive as it is enduring.

Robust Stability for Lasting Durability

Solid elm supports underneath the top provide robust stability, ensuring lasting durability. The Ivyhall Dining Table is a testament to nature's strength, offering a reliable foundation for shared moments and gatherings that span generations.

Strong and Reliable Support

With plywood veneer legs, the Ivyhall table boasts strong and reliable support. This feature enhances the table's structural integrity and adds a touch of modernity to its timeless design, ensuring a perfect blend of strength and style.

Spacious Design with a Touch of Warmth

The rectangle tabletop with rounded edges offers a spacious design and adds a touch of warmth. It's not just a table; it's an invitation to gather, where every rounded edge contributes to your dining space's inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Surface-Friendly and Stable

The 2x block legs with a floor protector ensure the Ivyhall table is surface-friendly and stable. Revel in the confidence that your floors are protected while enjoying the stability that anchors this table as a centrepiece in your home.

Inviting Gatherings with Ample Space

Comfortably seating 8-10 people, the Ivyhall Dining Table invites gatherings with ample space. Whether it's a festive celebration or an intimate dinner, this table becomes the focal point of shared moments, fostering connections and creating memories.

Sturdy Support for Various Occasions

With a weight capacity of 150 kg, the Ivyhall table offers sturdy support for various occasions. From family dinners to festive feasts, this dining table stands ready to accommodate, ensuring a reliable and inviting space for all.

Convenient Setup with a Partner

The product is flat-packed and requires two-person assembly, ensuring a convenient setup with a partner. Turn the assembly process into a shared experience, adding a touch of collaboration to transforming your dining space.


Materials:  Elm Wood, Ply Wood
Colour / Finish: Natural
Weight:  140 Kg
Dimensions: L 300 x W 110 x H 75 cm
Distance Between Legs: 175 cm
Legs Height: 70 cm

What's Included?

1x Ivyhall 300cm Elm Dining Table - Natural