Heron Cast Iron Garden Fountain

Style: Black


Graceful Beauty Unleashed: Heron Cast Iron Garden Fountain 

Elevate the aesthetic charm of your garden with the Heron Cast Iron 3-Tier Fountain. This popular traditional piece brings a touch of timeless style and offers a sense of tranquillity. Imagine the joy of gazing upon the elegant tiers as water cascades down, creating a soothing atmosphere that turns your garden into a serene sanctuary. Pair it with our fibreglass pond for a complete oasis experience.

Key Features:

  • 3 Tier Heron Fountain - Graceful beauty and classic design
  • Great with Fiberglass Pond - Seamless integration for a complete garden oasis
  • Unique Wood Imperfections - Each piece tells a unique story
  • Easy Maintenance - Effortless care for lasting elegance

3 Tier Heron Fountain

The Heron Cast Iron Garden Fountain is a testament to timeless beauty with its 3-tier design. The graceful Heron adds a touch of sophistication to your garden, creating a focal point that exudes classic charm. Let the tiers captivate your senses as the water flows, turning your outdoor space into a visual and auditory delight.

Great with Fiberglass Pon

Enhance the allure of your garden oasis by pairing the Heron Fountain with our fibreglass pond. The seamless integration of these elements creates a complete and harmonious outdoor experience. Picture the Heron's reflection dancing on the pond's surface, enchanting your tranquil retreat.

Unique Wood Imperfections

Celebrate the individuality of each Heron Fountain as it carries its unique imperfections and markings. These variations in wood grain and colour contribute to the charm of each piece, making your fountain a distinctive work of art in your garden. Embrace the beauty of imperfection and appreciate the story that each piece tells.

Easy Maintenance

While the Heron Fountain emanates timeless elegance, maintaining its allure is refreshingly simple. Follow easy care instructions, including dusting with a soft, dry cloth and prompt cleanup of spills. Preserve the beauty of your garden sanctuary with minimal effort.


Materials: Cast Iron
Colour / Finish:  Black, Bronze  
Weight: 230 Kg
Dimensions: 115 x 115x H 250cm 
Base Diameter: 58 cm

What's In The Box?

1x Heron Cast Iron Garden Fountain