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Garfield Rattan Arm Chair

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Embrace Timeless Comfort with the Garfield Rattan Arm Chair

Experience the epitome of relaxation with the Garfield Rattan Arm Chair. Crafted with the finest timber oak, this chair offers a level of durability and sophistication that's second to none. Its 98% polyester and 2% acrylic upholstery provides a luxurious touch and easy maintenance. The seat and backrest are designed with a blend of 60% foam and 40% feather, ensuring a superior level of comfort that invites you to sit and enjoy for hours.

The box-structured legs are meticulously carved to guarantee a firm standing, while the soft-medium firmness of the chair cradles you in cosy support. Best of all, this product comes fully assembled, making it effortlessly convenient for you.

Key Features

  • Constructed with timber oak - Enjoy timeless durability and sophistication, perfect for relaxation.
  • 98% Polyester and 2% Acrylic Upholstered - Experience luxurious comfort and easy maintenance.
  • 60% Foam and 40% feather are inserted in the seat and backrest - Relax in superior comfort designed to invite hours of enjoyment.
  • Box structure leg was carved for a firm standing - Enjoy stability and support with meticulously crafted legs.
  • Soft-medium firmness - Cradle yourself in cosy support and comfort.
  • The product comes fully assembled - Effortless convenience and instant relaxation.

Timeless Durability and Sophistication

Crafted with the finest timber oak, the Garfield Rattan Arm Chair offers enduring durability and timeless sophistication, creating the perfect setting for relaxation.

Luxurious Comfort and Easy Maintenance

With 98% polyester and 2% acrylic upholstery, this chair combines luxurious comfort with easy maintenance, ensuring an elegant and practical chair.

Superior Comfort and Cozy Support

The seat and backrest, filled with a blend of 60% foam and 40% feather, provide superior comfort and support that invites you to sit and enjoy for hours.

Stability and Support

Meticulously carved box-structured legs ensure firm standing, offering stability and support to enhance your relaxation experience.

Effortless Convenience

The Garfield Rattan Arm Chair comes fully assembled, providing effortless convenience and instant relaxation.


Materials: Timber, Foam, Feather
Colour / Finish: Ivory White
Weight: 23 kg
Dimensions: W 70 x D 77 x H 88 cm
Seat: W 63 x H 47 cm
Arm Height: 60 cm
Legs Height: 2 4cm

What's Included?

1x Garfield Rattan Arm Chair