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Fitzroy 190cm Messmate Bench

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Elevate Your Space: Fitzroy 190cm Messmate Bench

Transform your living area with the Fitzroy 190cm Messmate Bench. Crafted from solid messmate and wood veneer, this bench exudes natural beauty and warmth. Its flared and square legs, also in solid messmate, provide stability and style.

The deep wood grain patterns and complete natural finish add character and authenticity to your decor. With the convenience of flat packing and a two-person assembly requirement, this bench brings functionality and a sense of togetherness to your home.

Key Features

  • Solid messmate and wood veneer construction - Experience the timeless allure of wood with a combination that ensures lasting quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Flared and square legs in a solid messmate build - Find the perfect balance between style and stability in the design of the legs.
  • Deep wood grain patterns throughout - Revel in the natural beauty of wood with unique, intricate grain patterns that tell a story.
  • Complete natural finish - Infuse your space with authenticity and warmth through the rich, unadulterated finish.
  • The product is flat-packed and requires two-person assembly - Embrace the bonding experience of assembling this piece while achieving a sense of accomplishment.

Solid Messmate and Wood Veneer Construction

The Fitzroy 190cm Messmate Bench combines solid messmate and wood veneer for a harmonious blend of durability and natural beauty. Each piece of wood tells a unique story, making this bench a conversation starter in your home.

Flared and Square Legs

The bench's legs provide stability and add a touch of style. Crafted from solid messmates, they bring elegance to your space.

Deep Wood Grain Patterns

The deep wood grain patterns throughout the bench tell a story of nature's artistry. These intricate details add character and a sense of authenticity to your decor.

Complete Natural Finish

With a natural finish, this bench becomes a warm and inviting focal point in your home, offering a genuine connection to nature.

Two-Person Assembly

Assembling the Fitzroy bench with a partner is not just a task; it's a bonding experience. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something beautiful together.


Materials: Wood Veneer
Colour / Finish: Messmate
Weight: 27 kg 
Dimensions: W 190 x D 45 x H 45 cm

What's Included?

1x Fitzroy 190cm Messmate Bench