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Fire Pit Lid 105cm


Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Unveil the Magic of Our 105cm Fire Pit Lid!

Discover the Ultimate Fire Pit Upgrade: Our steel lid, complete with two convenient handles, delivers far more than just protection. It's your guardian against the unpredictable - shielding your beloved fire pit from rain, preserving the delicate embers and ash on breezy nights, and safeguarding it from the elements, thus extending its lifespan.

Say goodbye to messy outdoor gatherings with embers and ash scattering, and embrace uninterrupted tranquillity by keeping hot embers and rainwater at bay. With its easy-to-use handles, this lid simplifies fire pit management.

What is the size? We recommend this lid for fire pits with a diameter of 90cm or more. Always choose a cover at least 3cm more significant than your fire pit's rim to ensure a perfect fit and prevent water seepage. Elevate your outdoor experience today!

Key Features

  • Premium Steel Construction - Built to Last Through the Seasons
  • Efficient Ash and Ember Control - Enjoy the Flames, Not the Cleanup
  • Rainwater Protection - Keep Your Fire Pit Dry and Ready
  • Extended Fire Pit Lifespan - Preserve Your Investment for Years
  • Prevent Water Seepage - Protect Your Fire Pit's Functionality with Confidence

Designed for Longevity in Every Season

Crafted from premium steel, this lid offers exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand the harshest weather conditions year-round. You can trust it to provide long-lasting protection for your fire pit, making it a sound investment for your outdoor space.

Gatherings Without the Mess

With this lid in place, you can say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up scattered embers and ash after your gatherings. It efficiently contains hot embers, ensuring your outdoor space stays tidy and allowing you to focus on enjoying the warmth and ambience of your fire.

Ensure Your Fire Pit Stays Dry and Always Prepared

Don't let rainwater dampen your outdoor plans. This lid offers robust rainwater protection, ensuring your fire pit remains dry and ready for use even after a heavy downpour. Knowing you can enjoy a cosy fire anytime provides peace of mind.

Ensured Durability

This lid effectively extends its lifespan by shielding your fire pit from the elements. Your fire pit will remain in excellent condition, free from weather-related wear and tear. It's an investment that pays off in the form of prolonged enjoyment.

Ensured Dryness Inside

Selecting a lid that prevents water seepage is crucial. Choosing a cover at least 3cm larger than your fire pit's rim ensures a dry interior, preserving your fire pit's functionality. This thoughtful design feature keeps your fire pit in top working condition, ready for your next gathering.


Materials: Steel
Colour / Finish:Rust
Weight:21 KG
Dimensions:105 cm

What's In The Box?

1x Fire Pit Lid 105cm