Fiberglass Pond With Decorative Edge

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Size: 158cm

Create Tranquil Elegance in Your Garden with the Fiberglass Pond - A Decorative Oasis for Your Fountains 

Transform your garden into a haven of tranquillity with the Fiberglass Pond and its decorative edge. This exquisite pond not only complements the beauty of nature but also serves as the perfect accompaniment to the 3 tier Lisbon, Heron, and Granada Fountains.

The emotional benefits are manifold - from the soothing sound of flowing water to the stunning visual impact when paired with the fountains, your garden becomes a serene escape, elevating your outdoor experience.

Key Features:

  • Decorative edge - Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your garden
  • Suitable for 3-tier Lisbon, Heron, and Granada Fountain - Creates a stunning and cohesive garden focal point
  • Unique imperfections and markings - Adds character and authenticity to each piece
  • Dust with a soft and dry cloth - Easy maintenance for enduring beauty
  • Wash with mild dish soap and water solution - Preserve the pristine condition of the pond

Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal

The Fiberglass Pond's decorative edge isn't just a design element; it's an enhancement of your garden's aesthetic allure. Its subtle yet striking details elevate the visual appeal, creating a serene backdrop that complements the natural beauty of your surroundings. This pond becomes a piece of art that seamlessly integrates with the tranquillity of your outdoor space.

Stunning and Cohesive Focal Point

Pair the Fiberglass Pond with the 3 tier Lisbon, Heron, and Granada Fountains to create a garden masterpiece. The synergy between the pond and these fountains results in a stunning and cohesive focal point. The flowing water and elegant design elements transform your garden into a captivating oasis, where every glance becomes a moment of serenity.

Character and Authenticity

Embrace the uniqueness of each Fiberglass Pond, where imperfections and markings become strokes of character. These distinctive features, inherent to the nature of the material, add authenticity to each piece. Your pond becomes a testament to craftsmanship and nature's artistry, making it more than just a decorative element but a reflection of individuality.


Materials:  Fiberglass, PVC Pipe
Colour / Finish: Black
Weight: 70 Kg
Dimensions:  Outer Diameter: 158 cm
Internal Diameter: 115 cm
Height: 30 cm

What's In The Box?

1x Fiberglass Pond With Decorative Edge