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Elmwood Office Desk With Privacy Screen

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Transform Your Workspace: Elmwood Office Desk – Where Efficiency Meets Elegance

Elevate your work environment with the Elmwood Office Desk, designed for a perfect fusion of functionality and style. The MDF table top with a sleek white melamine finish provides a smooth and spacious work surface and adds a touch of modern sophistication to your office.

The steel base and legs' matching white finish ensure sturdiness and a contemporary aesthetic. With lockable drawers, a removable privacy screen, and a convenient powerbox compartment, this desk promotes organization, security, and efficient cable management.

Unleash your productivity with an office desk that combines practical features with an elegant design, providing a workspace that inspires success.

Key Features

  • MDF table top with white melamine finish - Smooth and spacious work surface with a modern touch
  • Steel base and legs with a white finish - Sturdy construction and contemporary aesthetic
  • Lockable drawers - Secure storage for valuable items and confidential documents
  • Removable privacy screen - Customizable workspace for focused concentration
  • Powerbox compartment - Efficient cable management for a clutter-free desk
  • Flat packed - Convenient delivery and easy assembly

Sleek Workspace with White Melamine Finish

The MDF table top of the Elmwood Office Desk features a white melamine finish, providing a smooth and spacious work surface. Beyond its functional excellence, the sleek and modern aesthetic adds an element of sophistication to your workspace, transforming it into a place where efficiency meets elegance.

Sturdy Support with Contemporary Aesthetic

Supported by a steel base and legs with a matching white finish, the Elmwood Office Desk ensures sturdiness and a contemporary aesthetic. The combination of robust construction and a clean, modern design creates an office setting that is reliable and visually pleasing.

Secure Storage with Lockable Drawers

Lockable drawers in the Elmwood Desk offer secure storage for valuable items and confidential documents. This feature ensures the safety of your belongings and provides peace of mind in a professional setting, promoting an organized and secure workspace.

Customizable Workspace with Removable Privacy Screen

Tailor your workspace to suit your needs with the removable privacy screen of the Elmwood Office Desk. Create a focused and concentrated environment by adding or removing the screen as necessary. This feature allows you to adapt your workspace to the demands of your tasks, promoting a flexible and personalized office experience.

Efficient Cable Management with Powerbox Compartment

Say goodbye to cable clutter with the powerbox compartment of the Elmwood Desk. This thoughtful feature allows for efficient cable management, keeping your desk organized and free from tangled wires. Enjoy a clutter-free workspace that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Convenient Delivery and Assembly

Delivered flat-packed, the Elmwood Office Desk ensures convenient delivery and easy assembly. This feature simplifies the logistics of getting the desk to your office and streamlines the setup process. Enjoy the convenience of a well-designed desk that is both practical and user-friendly.


Materials: MDF, White Melamine, Steel Legs
Colour / Finish: White
Weight: 85 Kg
Dimensions: L 160 x D 141 x H 75 cm

What's Included?

1x Elmwood Office Desk With Privacy Screen