Dominique Cast Aluminium Chair and Table 3 Peice Set - White


Elevate Your Al Fresco Moments: Dominique White Cast Aluminium Set – Lightweight Luxury for Your Cozy Retreat!

Transform your outdoor space with the Dominique 3 Piece Cast Aluminium Set in White. The lightweight yet sturdy design allows you to create a charming oasis on your balcony, courtyard, or garden corner.

Whether sipping tea or enjoying cocktails with a friend, the emotional benefits include the joy of effortless assembly, superior comfort in the cosy setting, and the assurance that each piece, marked by unique imperfections, adds character to your outdoor sanctuary.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight but Very Sturdy - Effortless to move, yet reliably durable
  • Incredible for Balcony, Courtyard, or Garden - Versatile and fits various outdoor spaces
  • Rubber Adjustable Feet - Stability on different surfaces
  • Steel Fixings Included - Durability and reliability for long-lasting use
  • Spanner Included - Easy assembly in just 20 minutes
  • Unique Imperfections - Each piece adds character and uniqueness to your space

Lightweight but Very Sturdy

Experience the convenience of lightweight luxury with the Dominique Set. Quickly move and arrange your outdoor space while enjoying the sturdiness that ensures long-lasting durability. This unique combination offers both versatility and reliability for your outdoor retreat.

Great for Balcony, Courtyard, or Garden

The Dominique Set is designed to enhance various outdoor spaces. Whether you have a balcony, courtyard, or a cosy corner in your garden, this set effortlessly fits and elevates the ambience. It's a versatile solution for creating a charming retreat in any setting.

Rubber Adjustable Feet

Enjoy stability on different surfaces with the rubber adjustable feet. Whether your outdoor space has a hard floor or a soft garden bed, these feet ensure a secure and wobble-free experience, making every moment outdoors enjoyable.

Steel Fixings Included

Built to last, the Dominique Set comes with steel fixings. This feature ensures durability and reliability, even in challenging weather conditions. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a sturdy and resilient outdoor seating solution.

Spanner Included

Assembling your outdoor oasis is a breeze with the included spanner. In just 20 minutes, you can set up your Dominique Set and enjoy al fresco moments with friends or in peaceful solitude. The spanner adds to the user-friendly design, making the assembly process quick and hassle-free.

Unique Imperfections

Embrace the individuality of the Dominique Set. Each piece carries unique imperfections and markings, celebrating the material's inherent beauty. These distinctive features are not inconsistencies but rather charming details that add character, turning your outdoor space into a canvas of stories and memories.


Materials: Aluminium
Colour / Finish: White
Weight: 20 Kg
Dimensions: W 42.5 x D 48.5 x H 85 cm
seat height: 41cm
Table: D 60 x H 67 cm 

What's In The Box?

3x Dominique Cast Aluminium Chair and Table 3 Piece Set - White