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Dickens 65cm Bar Stool

Style: Black

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Transform your home with the elegance of Dickens' 65cm bar stool!

Do you want to avoid unsafe and uncomfortable bar stools that never quite blend with your decor? Look at the Dickens 65cm Bar Stool, your solution to a typical consumer problem. Many struggle to find the perfect balance between style and stability in bar stools, often compromising one for the other. However, the Dickens 65cm Bar Stool effortlessly bridges this gap.

With its thick, flat metal legs and frame coated with an elegant matte black finish, you no longer have to worry about instability or discomfort. These stools provide the ultimate stability, ensuring you and your guests feel secure while seated without wobbles or shakes.

Key Features

  • Robust metal base - unmatched stability
  • Durable timber seat - lasting comfort
  • Extra footrest - enhanced support
  • Feet protectors included - floor protection assured

Robust metal base

The Dickens 65cm Bar Stool boasts a robust metal base, symbolising unmatched stability. Say goodbye to the frustration of wobbly or unsteady seating. With this sturdy foundation, you can trust that your bar stool will remain steady and secure, allowing you to enjoy your moments of relaxation without any fear of tipping or discomfort. This stability provides peace of mind, making your time at the bar or kitchen island more enjoyable and carefree.

Durable timber seat

The bar stool's durable timber seat is not just about appearance; it promises lasting comfort. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this seat retains its inviting appeal, ensuring that your seating experience remains comfortable for years on end. You can sit and unwind for extended periods without discomfort, making the Dickens Bar Stool the ideal companion for those long conversations and gatherings.

Extra footrest

We've included an extra footrest with the Dickens 65cm Bar Stool for comfort and support. This thoughtful addition ensures that you can rest your legs comfortably, even during extended periods of sitting. No more fatigue or discomfort; the footrest enhances your overall seating experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time at the bar or kitchen island without any strain.

Feet protectors included

We understand the importance of preserving your floors, so we've thoughtfully included feet protectors with the Dickens Bar Stool. These protectors prevent slips and accidental movements and shield your floors from unsightly scuffs and marks.


Materials: Metal & Timber
Colour / Finish: Black, Natural & Black, Natural & White
Weight: 17 kg
Dimensions: W 37.5 x D 37.5 x H 65 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Dickens 65cm Bar Stool