Dawnview 300cm Curved Wall Stand - Natural Oak

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Elevate Your Entertainment Space with Dawnview - A Natural Oak Symphony of Style and Functionality

Indulge in the perfect blend of aesthetic charm and practical functionality with the Dawnview 300cm Curved Wall Stand in Natural Oak. Crafted with solid wood and veneer, this stand captivates its unique curved contour and rotatable vertical slats and offers your entertainment space a warm and inviting atmosphere. Embrace a hassle-free assembly process and let the natural imperfections of the wood tell a story of authenticity and character.

Key Features

  • Solid wood with veneer for the top and base - A robust foundation for lasting durability.
  • Solid wood with veneer for vertical panel - Natural warmth and authenticity.
  • Rotatable vertical slats - Tailor the display to your preferences effortlessly.
  • Curved contour - Aesthetic charm and a unique focal point.
  • The product is a flat pack and requires two-person assembly - A convenient setup for an elegant entertainment upgrade.

Solid Wood with Veneer for the Top and Base

Experience unmatched durability with the solid wood and veneer construction of Dawnview's top and base. This combination ensures a sturdy foundation for your entertainment essentials and adds a touch of timeless elegance with its natural oak finish.

Solid Wood with Veneer for Vertical Panel

The Dawnview Wall Stand's vertical panel showcases solid wood's rich texture and warmth with a veneer finish. This contributes to the stand's overall aesthetic, and the band tells a tale of authenticity through the unique imperfections and markings inherent to the wood.

Rotatable Vertical Slats

Enjoy design freedom with rotatable vertical slats that allow you to customize the display of your entertainment area effortlessly. Tailor the arrangement to suit your taste, making Dawnview a versatile and functional addition to your space.

Curved Contour

Dawnview's distinctive curved contour is both a visual focal point and a practical feature. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your entertainment space with this unique design element, creating a stylish ambience for your leisure moments.

The product is Flat Pack and Requires Two-Person Assembly.

Experience the joy of hassle-free assembly with Dawnview. The flat-pack design ensures convenient delivery, while the two-person assembly requirement ensures a seamless setup. Gather a helping hand and effortlessly transform your space with this elegant, functional wall stand.


Materials:  Solid Wood, Veneer
Colour / Finish:  Natural
Weight: 310 Kg
Dimensions: L 304 x W 61.7 x H 200 cm 

    What's Included?

    1x Dawnview 300cm Curved Wall Stand - Natural Oak