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Elevate Your Space with Conway: Timeless Elegance Meets Effortless Functionality

Introducing the Conway, a piece that seamlessly blends style and convenience. Crafted with MDF and adorned with a black stained oak timber veneer finish, this sophisticated storage solution offers practicality and timeless elegance.

The six cupboard doors with half-moon handles create a functional aesthetic and a statement of refined taste. With Conway, revel in the beauty of effortless elegance, where fully assembled convenience meets the allure of unique wood imperfections, making each piece a work of art.

Key Features

  • MDF with a black stained oak timber veneer finish - Timeless elegance with durable sophistication.
  • 6 x cupboard doors - Ample storage for a clutter-free space.
  • Half-moon handles - Stylish and ergonomic design for easy access.
  • Fully assembled - Effortless setup for instant use.

Timeless Elegance, Lasting Durability

Conway's MDF construction, adorned with a black stained oak timber veneer finish, doesn't just promise timeless elegance but ensures enduring durability. This piece doesn't just complement your decor; it becomes a statement of sophistication that withstands the test of time.

Clutter-Free Spaces, Organized Living

With six cupboard doors, Conway isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a promise of organized living. From everyday essentials to treasured belongings, experience the joy of a clutter-free space where everything finds its place behind the sleek facade of Conway's ample storage.

Stylish Access, Effortless Convenience

The half-moon handles on Conway's cupboard doors aren't just a design choice; they're an ergonomic solution for easy access. Stylish and functional, these handles add a touch of modernity to Conway's classic aesthetic, ensuring that practicality meets elegance.

Ready to Impress, Instantly

Say goodbye to the hassle of assembly – Conway arrives fully assembled, ready to grace your space with its sophistication. No need to spend hours figuring out instructions; enjoy the instant gratification of having a fully functional and stylish storage solution at your fingertips.


Materials:  MDF Oak Timber
Colour / Finish: Textured Espresso Black, Dusty Oak
Weight:  60 Kg
Dimensions: L 200 x W 50 x H 55 cm
All 3 Compartments: W 60 x W 43 x H 34 cm 
Base Height: 7 cm

What's Included?

1x Conway