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Circ L2 Concrete Coffee Table

Colour: Natural


Circ L2 confidently asserts its presence in both outdoor and indoor environments, making a compelling statement.

The Blinde Design Circ L2, a low-set concrete coffee table boasting captivating organic curves and edges, imparts the final touch of design elegance to any environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

Key Features

  • Chic and bold - for a striking style
  • High performance - exceptional functionality
  • Function and form - seamless balance
  • All-weather use - enduring adaptability
  • Design freedom - personalized creativity
  • Stain resistant - resistance against stains
  • Colour choice - selection of hues

Chic and bold

Presenting a low-set concrete coffee table with timeless straight sides and well-defined edges, capable of making a statement or harmonizing with your indoor or outdoor space.

High performance

Crafted from Fluid™ Concrete, it guarantees a robust yet comparably lightweight concrete table tailored for enduring all-weather functionality.

Function and form

The Blinde Design CIRC L2 is meticulously designed with both utility and aesthetics in mind, enhancing any environment and occasion.

All-weather use

It is an impeccable concrete coffee table for any setting that demonstrates resistance against water, UV rays, mould, mildew, and extreme temperatures.

Design freedom

Its relative lightness provides enhanced flexibility, offering greater freedom of movement for the CIRC L2.


Exhibiting durability and resistance against moisture, as well as a range of food and chemicals, including ethanol, wine, salt, coffee, vinegar, oil, sauces, bleach, and window cleaner.

Colour choice

With three organic hues - Graphite, Natural, and Bone - an array of choices exists to complement and perfect your setting.



Model Dimension
L 762mm
W 762mm
H 351mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite


Model Specifications Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Circ L2 Concrete Coffee Table