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Chelsford Fabric King Bed Frame

Style: Charcoal Grey

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Transform Your Bedroom with the Chelmsford Fabric King Bed Frame

Elevate your sleep experience with the Chelmsford Fabric King Bed Frame. Upholstered in luxurious charcoal grey fabric, this bed frame adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. The vertical channel headboard provides an elegant focal point and extra comfort for those late-night reading sessions.

The K/D slats and central metal frame ensure stable and secure support for your king-sized 183cm x 203cm mattress. Say goodbye to clutter with the non-woven fabric bottom in the storage space. Assemble it quickly, though it might require an electric drill – a small effort for the ultimate in-bedroom elegance and convenience.

Key Features

  • Upholstered in Charcoal grey fabric - Experience a touch of luxury with our premium upholstery that enhances the beauty of your bedroom.
  • Vertical channel headboard - Enjoy added comfort and style with an elegant headboard that creates a stunning focal point in your room.
  • K/D slats and central metal frame - Rest easy on a sturdy, well-supported bed for a perfect night's sleep.
  • Use non-woven fabric as a bottom in storage space. Keep your room clutter-free and organized with convenient storage space.
  • Accommodates a king 183cm x 203cm mattress - Enjoy the spaciousness of a king-sized bed for ultimate relaxation.
  • Assembly required. It might need an electric drill - A small effort for the extraordinary convenience and elegance of the Chelmsford Bed Frame.

Charcoal Grey Fabric Elegance

The upholstery exudes luxury, turning your bedroom into a chic oasis. You'll love the soft touch and stylish appeal.

Headboard Heaven

Sink into the vertical channel headboard, a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics. It's where your dreams meet elegance.

Sturdy Support System

Our K/D slats and central metal frame ensure a restful night's sleep with no instability worries.

Clutter-Free Convenience

Bid farewell to bedroom chaos with non-woven fabric storage. Keep your space neat, tidy, and welcoming.

King-Sized Comfort

The Chelmsford Bed Frame accommodates a king-sized mattress, offering you the desired room.

Effortless Assembly

While assembly is required, the result is worth it. The electric drill might be needed for quick setup, but the reward is undeniable sophistication.


Materials:  Fabric, Metal
Colour / Finish:  Charcoal Grey, Teal Navy Velvet,  Pearl Grey, Blush Pink
Weight:  80kg
Dimensions:   L215 x W 200 x H 121 cm
Height from the floor to the slats: 30 cm
Distance between the slats: 7.5 cm
Height of the storage: 28 cm

What's Included?

1x Chelsford Fabric King Bed Frame