Cedarpoint 180cm Executive Office Desk

Style: Right Return Office Desk - Natural

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Embrace Timeless Elegance: Cedarpoint Executive Office Desk - Where Nature Meets Productivity

Elevate your workspace with the Cedarpoint 180cm Executive Office Desk, a masterpiece where the natural beauty of timber meets the efficiency of modern design. Crafted with precision, this desk enhances your professional environment and gives you a sense of sophistication in your daily tasks. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of a workspace designed for success.

Key Features

  • Natural Timber Veneer Tabletop and Return Section Body - Infuses your office with the warmth of natural aesthetics
  • Steel Base in a White Finish - Provides a clean and contemporary look
  • Removable Modesty Panel - Offers design flexibility and customization
  • 3 x Lockable Drawers, 1 x Cupboard, and a Two-Tiered Shelf - Maximizes organization and storage options
  • Available in Left or Right Return - Tailors to your specific spatial needs
  • Flat Packed - Facilitates easy transportation and assembly

Infuses Your Office with the Warmth of Natural Aesthetics

The Cedarpoint Executive Desk boasts a natural timber veneer tabletop and return section body, bringing nature's warmth and timeless beauty into your office. Each piece carries unique markings and imperfections, turning your workspace into a haven that celebrates the authenticity of wood.

Provides a Clean and Contemporary Look

With a steel base in a crisp white finish, the Cedarpoint desk achieves a harmonious blend of natural and contemporary aesthetics. The clean lines and contrasting materials create a modern appearance and an inviting atmosphere that fosters productivity.

Offers Design Flexibility and Customization

The removable modesty panel of the Cedarpoint desk grants you design freedom. Whether you prefer an open, collaborative workspace or a more enclosed, private feel, this feature allows you to tailor the desk to your taste and working style.

Maximizes Organization and Storage Options

Designed for efficiency, the Cedarpoint desk has three lockable drawers, one cupboard, and a two-tiered shelf. This array of storage options ensures that your workspace remains organized, clutter-free, and conducive to productivity.

Tailors to Your Specific Spatial Needs

Available in both left and right return options, the Cedarpoint desk adapts to your office layout, allowing you to optimize your workspace according to your specific spatial requirements.

Facilitates Easy Transportation and Assembly

The flat-packed design of the Cedar Point desk ensures that transportation and assembly are hassle-free. With clear instructions and organized components, you can effortlessly set up your new workspace, ready to embark on a journey of productivity and style.


Materials:  Timber, Steel Base 
Colour / Finish: Natural, White
Weight:  89 Kg
Dimensions: Desk: L 180 x W 80 x H 75 cm 
Cabinet: L 146 x D 45 x H 65 cm
Top open compartments : L 56.1 x D 40.5 x H 20 cm
Bottom open compartment : L 56.1 x D 40.5 x H 36.3 cm
3 Drawers: L 54.5 x D 40.5 x H 18.5 cm 
Cupboard: L 56.1 x D 40.5 x H 56.3 cm

What's Included?

1x Cedarpoint 180cm Executive Office Desk