Cameo Cast Iron Bench - Large


Elevate Your Garden Charm with the Majestic Large Cameo Cast Iron Bench 

The Large Cameo Cast Iron Bench isn't just outdoor seating; it's a statement piece that brings artistry and elegance to your garden. Featuring intricate detailing of birds and flowers and a central cameo image symbolizing wisdom, this bench transcends functionality, offering a serene spot for contemplation while enhancing the aesthetic allure of your outdoor space.

Key Features:

  • Ornate Design - Garden elegance elevated
  • Birds and Flowers Detailing - Nature-inspired beauty
  • Central Cameo Image - Symbolic artistry
  • Cast Iron Construction - Enduring strength and durability

Ornate Design

The Large Cameo Cast Iron Bench is not just a place to sit; it's a piece of garden artistry. The ornate design, adorned with intricate details of birds and flowers, transforms your outdoor space into a haven of elegance and charm, creating a visual feast for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Birds and Flowers Detailing

Every curve and flourish on this bench tells a story of nature's beauty. The exquisite detailing of birds and flowers brings a touch of the outdoors to your garden, making it a delightful retreat where you can immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings.

Central Cameo Image

The bench features a central cameo image of a woman with an owl, a symbol of wisdom that alludes to ancient European culture. This adds an artistic and symbolic dimension to the bench and creates a conversation piece for your garden, making it a place of contemplation and inspiration.

Cast Iron Construction

Crafted from durable cast iron, this bench is more than just a decorative feature; it's a testament to enduring strength and longevity. With each piece's unique markings, the bench becomes a personalized work of art, standing the test of time in your outdoor sanctuary.


Materials:  Cast Iron
Colour / Finish: Black-Gold
Weight: 160 Kg
Dimensions:   W180 x D 63 x H 92 cm

What's In The Box?

1x Cameo Cast Iron Bench - Large