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Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair

Style: Navy Velvet Blue

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Indulge in Luxurious Comfort: The Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair - Elevate Your Relaxation Experience!

Immerse yourself in opulent relaxation with the Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair. This piece brings a classic touch to your space with its quality navy blue velvet upholstery and ensures enduring comfort with its generously deep seat and tall back.

The robust wood legs in a sleek black finish provide stability and style, making it a perfect addition to modern interiors. Embrace versatility and enjoy the unique imperfections of the wood, appreciating each piece's character. The matching cushion is the final touch to elevate your lounging experience.

Key Features

  • Quality navy blue velvet upholstery: Indulge in luxurious comfort with a classic colour palette.
  • Robust and stable wood legs in a black finish: Experience reliable longevity and stylish stability.
  • Generously deep seat and tall back with wings: Endure enduring comfort for hours of relaxation.
  • Versatile shape and colour: Complement modern spaces effortlessly.
  • Matching cushion included: Complete your lounging experience with the perfect finishing touch.

Quality navy blue velvet upholstery for a classic colour palette

Sink into the sumptuous embrace of the Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair, adorned in rich navy blue velvet. The traditional colour palette adds sophistication to your space and invites you to unwind in opulent style. The quality upholstery ensures durability and a timeless aesthetic, making this chair a statement piece for any discerning home.

Robust and stable wood legs in a black finish

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair stands on robust wood legs finished in sleek black. Beyond their stylish appearance, these legs provide unwavering stability, ensuring your relaxation time is luxurious and secure. The black finish adds a touch of modern elegance, seamlessly integrating with contemporary interior designs.

Generously deep seat and tall back with wings for ultimate comfort

Designed for the ultimate lounging experience, this chair boasts a generously deep seat and a tall back with wings. Feel comforted as you settle into the plush embrace, enjoying moments of relaxation like never before. The thoughtful design caters to your physical comfort and adds a touch of grandeur to your living space, making it a true haven of relaxation.

Versatile shape and colour to complement modern spaces

Embrace design flexibility with the Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair. Its versatile shape and navy blue colour effortlessly complement modern interiors, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into various design schemes. Whether your space exudes contemporary chic or timeless elegance, this chair becomes a versatile and stylish addition that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Matching cushion included

The Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair has a matching cushion, adding the perfect finishing touch to your lounging haven. This thoughtfully designed accessory enhances the chair's visual appeal and provides additional support and comfort. Elevate your relaxation experience with this meticulously coordinated cushion, turning your space into a haven of style and tranquillity.


Materials:  Velvet, Wood Legs
Colour / Finish:  Navy Velvet Blue, Light Texture Grey, Sterling Charcoal, Black
Weight: 30 Kg
Dimensions: W 85 x D 80 x H 108 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Bluewater Wingback Lounge Chair