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Bloc L1 Concrete Coffee Table

Colour: Natural


Bloc L1 exudes a bold presence in both outdoor and indoor environments

The compact Blinde Design Bloc L1, the smallest among the rectangular concrete coffee tables, introduces functionality and style to petite areas. Ideal for crafting an intimate ambience, it can also be paired with two or more tables to cater to distinct zones within a spacious setting.

Key Features

  • Functional aesthetics - harmonious practicality
  • Durability - enduring strength
  • Absolute versatility - limitless adaptability
  • Weather-proof - impervious to the elements
  • Infinitely versatile - boundlessly flexible

Functional aesthetics

The fusion of sleek lines and practical design ensures an impeccable balance of usefulness and sophistication.


Crafted by hand from robust and enduring Fluid™ Concrete, Blinde Design BLOC L1 concrete tables retain their allure over the years, exemplifying longevity and resilience.

Absolute versatility

The graceful linear design offers many applications: place these concrete tables adjacent to a wall, partition a space, or combine them with a modular sofa or a collection of Blinde Design chairs for an ideal arrangement.


It is engineered to brave all climatic conditions, featuring a finish that stands up to moisture, UV rays, fire, pests, mould, mildew, and extreme temperatures.

Infinitely versatile

Crafted from superior concrete that's only half the weight of conventional concrete, these handmade pieces facilitate effortless repositioning to suit various surroundings.



Model Dimension
L 1000mm
W 400mm
H 271mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite


Model Specification Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Bloc L1 Concrete Coffee Table