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Bloc L5 Concrete Coffee Table

Colour: Natural


Bloc L5 asserts its presence with commanding impact, seamlessly enhancing outdoor and indoor spaces.

With its rectangular shape, the Blinde Design Bloc L5 harmoniously unites style and practicality. Defined by timeless, crisp lines and a robust, enduring structure, it offers an elegant and functional answer for various outdoor areas and indoor spaces.

Key Features

  • Sculptured from - Artful design
  • Durable and robust - Built for lasting resilience
  • Choice of three colours - Selection of three hues
  • Versatility and convenience - Adaptability and ease
  • Stain-resistant - Resilient against stains

Sculptured form

Defined by its linear design and contemporary aesthetics, the Blinde Design Bloc L5 transcends mere furniture; it embodies a stylish declaration.

Durable and strong

Crafted from Fluid™ concrete, the Bloc L5 exudes robustness while maintaining a lightweight profile, enduring diverse weather conditions and prolonged UV exposure.

Choice of three colours

It is offered in three shades: Graphite, Natural, and Bone, each harmonizing with modern and traditional decor themes.

Versatility and convenience

The Bloc L5 concrete table showcases remarkable adaptability, serving as a table, bench, or room divider, and its lightweight nature facilitates effortless repositioning.


Immune to staining from moisture and a range of foods, beverages, and liquids, including ethanol, wine, salt, sauces, bleach, coffee, and window cleaner.



Model Dimension
L 1650mm
W 1000mm
H 339mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite


Model Specifications Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Bloc L5 Concrete Coffee Table