Bloc L4 Concrete Coffee Table

Colour: Natural


Bloc L4 asserts its presence in outdoor and indoor spaces with an impactful style.

Blinde Design's square concrete table excels at crafting intimate settings while making a striking impression outdoors or indoors. With robustness and all-weather endurance, its aesthetic charm remains intact year after year.

Key Features

  • Choice of three shades - Options for three hues
  • Enduring quality and style - Lasting excellence and elegance
  • Eco-friendly - Environmentally conscious
  • All-weather proof - Resilient against all weather conditions
  • Hidden feet - Concealed footing
  • Stain-proof surface - Surface resistant to stains

Choice of three shades

We are presenting Graphite, Natural, and Bone options to complement any colour palette seamlessly.

Enduring quality and style

The enduringly sleek lines and robust Fluid™ concrete composition unite to form a concrete table that effortlessly withstands weather and resists stains.


Crafted from eco-conscious cement and 95% recycled natural materials, each piece stands as an environmentally responsible creation, fully recyclable.

All-weather proof

Unyielding against moisture, UV rays, fire, pests, mould, mildew, and extreme temperatures, ensuring steadfast performance in diverse conditions.

Hidden feet

Subtly concealed levelling feet impart an illusion of hovering, allowing for gentle air circulation.

Stain-proof surface

A surface barrier on this concrete coffee table guarantees protection against various cleaning solutions, foods, and beverages.



Model Dimension
L 1000mm
W 1000mm
H 339mm

Indoor & Outdoor

Concrete Composite

Model Specifications Sheet

What's In The Box?

1x Bloc L4 Concrete Coffee Table