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Bayswater King Sized Bed Frame - Natural Oak

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Elevate Your Restful Retreat with Bayswater - Embrace the Majesty of Natural Oak Elegance

Indulge in regal slumber with the Bayswater King-Sized Bed Frame. Crafted from robust MDF, it offers enduring support for nightly repose. The natural oak veneer introduces a touch of deep, wooden hues, transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary of warmth.

The high headboard and solid, flared wood legs provide stability and infuse texture and visual allure. The adjustable metal bed slats cater to your mattress size, ensuring a sleep haven that's not only sturdy but tailored to your comfort.

Key Features

  • Made from strong MDF, it withstands daily use, ensuring long-lasting support.
  • Finished in natural oak veneer - It infuses deep wooden hues, adding warmth to any space.
  • High headboard in a wood finish - Adds texture and visual interest, creating a focal point.
  • Solid and flared wood legs - Provide enduring stability and strength.
  • High-quality and supportive metal bed slat - Adjustable to suit mattress size, ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Accommodates a king-sized mattress - Offers a spacious and luxurious sleep haven.
  • Assembly required - Allows for a personal touch in the setup.

Made from Strong MDF

Bayswater's foundation is crafted from robust MDF, ensuring it withstands daily use and offers steadfast, long-lasting support. Your nightly repose is guaranteed with a bed frame that remains sturdy and reliable throughout the years.

Finished in Natural Oak Veneer

The bed frame is adorned with a natural oak veneer finish, introducing deep, wooden hues that bring warmth to your bedroom. Bayswater effortlessly merges durability with aesthetic charm, elevating your sleep sanctuary with timeless elegance.

High Headboard in a Wood Finish

A high headboard finished in wood becomes the focal point of your bedroom. This design adds texture and visual interest and creates a regal ambience, transforming your nightly retreat into a majestic space of restful splendour.

Solid and Flared Wood Legs

Solid and flared wood legs provide enduring stability and strength to the bed frame. Beyond mere functionality, these legs add a touch of sophistication, grounding your sleep haven in a blend of reliability and style.

High-Quality and Supportive Metal Bed Slat

Bayswater goes beyond aesthetics; it has a high-quality metal bed slat that offers robust support. Adjustable to suit your mattress size, this feature ensures that your comfort is never compromised, providing tailored support for a restful night's sleep.

Accommodates a King-Sized Mattress

Designed for luxury, Bayswater accommodates a king-sized mattress, offering a spacious haven for your nightly repose. Enjoy the freedom of expansive comfort, making each night a regal experience.

Assembly Required

While Bayswater arrives as a testament to craftsmanship, assembly is required, allowing you to add your personal touch to the setup. This hands-on approach ensures that your sleep sanctuary is uniquely yours.


Materials: Strong MDF, Natural Oak Veneer, Headboard
Colour / Finish:  Natural
Weight: 65 Kg
Dimensions: L 203 x W 183 x H 84.5 cm
Bedhead: L 204 x H 64 cm
Leg height: 30.5 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Bayswater King Sized Bed Frame - Natural Oak