Amberfield Fabric Armchair

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Elevate Your Comfort: Amberfield Fabric Armchair, Where Style Meets Serenity

Discover unparalleled comfort with the Amberfield Fabric Armchair. Immerse yourself in the embrace of a seat upholstered in a blend of 54% polyester and 46% acrylic, offering a perfect balance of softness and durability.

Crafted with a solid pine wood frame and foam filling fortified with web suspension, this armchair ensures lasting relaxation. The curved backrest, round armrests, and non-removable round seat cushion create a cocoon of comfort.

Timber ash legs with anti-skid floor protectors offer stability, making it suitable for residential and commercial spaces. With a soft-medium seat firmness, every moment in the Amberfield Armchair is a testament to refined style and luxurious ease.

Key Features

  • It is upholstered in a 54% polyester 46% acrylic blend - A perfect blend of softness and durability for prolonged comfort.
  • The frame is made of solid pine wood, Which ensures robust support and longevity.
  • Foam filling fortified with web suspension - Enhances comfort and provides lasting relaxation.
  • Curved backrest and round armrests - Crafted for ergonomic support and stylish design.
  • Non-removable round seat cushion - Maintains the chair's aesthetic integrity and comfort.
  • She retained soft-medium seat firmness and balanced, plush comfort with ergonomic support.
  • Timber ash legs with anti-skid floor protectors - Offers stability and prevents floor damage.
  • Product suitable for commercial use - Versatile design for residential and commercial spaces.
  • 120kg weight limit - Accommodates a range of body types with ease.
  • The product is fully assembled - Ready for immediate enjoyment without the hassle of assembly.

Upholstered in a 54% Polyester 46% Acrylic Blend

Indulge in the luxury of the Amberfield Armchair, enveloped in a blend of 54% polyester and 46% acrylic. This harmonious fusion guarantees a seating experience that's soft, inviting, and resilient, promising enduring comfort without compromising style.

Frame Made of Solid Pine Wood

The solid pine wood frame of the Amberfield Armchair ensures robust support and longevity. Every moment spent in this armchair is embraced by the strength and stability of carefully selected materials, enhancing the overall quality of your relaxation.

Foam Filling Fortified with Web Suspension

Enhanced comfort is at the core of the Amberfield Armchair, with its foam filling fortified by web suspension. This dynamic combination not only cradles you in relaxation but also ensures that the armchair maintains its supportive structure for an extended period, promising enduring tranquillity.

Curved Backrest and Round Armrests

Crafted for ergonomic support and contemporary aesthetics, the Amberfield Armchair boasts a curved backrest and round armrests. This design complements your body's natural contours and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Non-Removable Round Seat Cushion

The non-removable round seat cushion of the Amberfield Armchair is a testament to its design integrity. This feature maintains the chair's aesthetic appeal and guarantees consistent comfort, ensuring that every seating experience is as delightful as the first.

Retained Soft-Medium Seat Firmness

Strike the perfect balance between plush comfort and ergonomic support with the firmness of the Amberfield Armchair's retained soft-medium seat. Whether lounging for hours or enjoying a brief respite, each moment is met with an embrace tailored to your relaxation needs.

Timber Ash Legs with Anti-Skid Floor Protectors

Enjoy stability and safeguard your floors with the Amberfield Armchair's timber ash legs, equipped with anti-skid floor protectors. This thoughtful addition ensures that the chair stays securely in place and protects your flooring from scratches and marks.

Product Suitable for Commercial Use

Versatility meets elegance with the Amberfield Armchair, making it suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Its timeless design ensures that comfort and style seamlessly blend into any environment, creating a sophisticated atmosphere wherever it is placed.

120kg Weight Limit

Accommodating a range of body types easily, the Amberfield Armchair boasts a 120kg weight limit. This inclusive feature ensures everyone can bask in its comfort, making it a welcoming addition to any living or commercial space.

The product is Fully Assembled.

Say goodbye to the hassle of assembly. The Amberfield Armchair arrives fully assembled, ready to elevate your space with its luxurious design and immediate comfort. Unpack, place, and indulge in a seating experience that transcends expectations.


Materials:  Polyester, Acrylic, Pine Wood, Foam, Web Suspension, Timber Legs
Colour / Finish:  Maya Cream Boucle
Weight: 27 Kg
Dimensions: W 87 x D 92 x H 67 cm

    What's Included?

    1x Amberfield Fabric Armchair