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90cm Kadai Cast Iron Fire Pit


Embrace the Warmth of Home: 90cm Kadai Cast Iron Fire Pit.

Introducing our exceptional Kadhai Fire Pit Bowls, meticulously crafted from robust, thick steel. This remarkable fire pit pays homage to the timeless Indian Kadhai tradition, showcasing intricate rivet details, two generously sized handles for easy mobility, and an elevated steel base, bringing the total height to 50cm.

Unleash the magic of an actual Indian Kadhai fire pit in your outdoor space, adding a touch of tradition while enjoying modern durability and convenience. With sizes to suit your needs, these fire pits promise memorable gatherings, a captivating ambience, and the convenience of easy portability. Illuminate your evenings with the charm of an Indian Kadhai Fire Pit - where tradition meets contemporary living.

Key Features

  • Distinctive Indian-Style Bowl with Unique Features
  • Spacious Handles for Easy Mobility and Convenient Emptying
  • Hassle-Free, Low-Maintenance Design

Efficient Drainage Hole - Prevents Rust and Ensures Dry Burning

The strategically placed drainage hole serves a dual purpose. Not only does it prevent rainwater from accumulating in the bottom of your fire pit and causing rust, but it also ensures that your firewood remains dry and ready for burning. Say goodbye to the hassle of wet firewood and enjoy the convenience of a consistently dry pit.

Versatile Design - Ideal for Cooking

Beyond creating a cosy ambience, this fire pit's design lends itself to outdoor cooking. Whether roasting marshmallows, grilling, or experimenting with open-flame cooking, it provides a versatile platform to explore your culinary skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

Unique Aesthetics - Timeless Visual Appeal

The natural rust patina and Indian-style bowl design make this fire pit an eye-catching addition to your outdoor decor. It effortlessly blends tradition and contemporary style, elevating your outdoor space's visual appeal and setting the stage for memorable gatherings.


Materials:Cast Iron
Colour / Finish:Rust
Weight:30 KG
Dimensions: Bowl: Diameter 90 cm
Bowl Height: 30 cm
Overall Height: 40 cm

What's In The Box?

1x 90cm Kadai Cast Iron Fire Pit
1x Fire Pit Base